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Forget regret or think that life is yours to miss. Join the YOLO run and do something with no reservations!

The YOLO Run Singapore is back for the third year in a row, and capitalises on the popular social hashtag that for the uninitiated, means You Only Live Once. It is one of the few runs that encourages you to run shirtless and unafraid, extending to all genders.

Quite a lot of its popularity stems from the idea of freedom, rejection of labelling and stereotypes, and the idea that body types should not be policed by how the media popularises it.

This year, they have included a new 21km category for runners to up the challenge, and are also excited to retain the continued support from title sponsors 2XU and Yoga Lab, which will be leading the YOLO yoga session at the end of the event.

This year’s charity beneficiaries of the YOLO run will be the Community Chest, and for every shirtless runner on the 11th November 2017, the organisers X-Change Republic will pledge $3 to the Community Chest.

So, start running with a shirt off just so you can help the less privileged!

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