4 Compression Myths Busted!

How can compression wear help with your running performance?


Many people are on the compression apparel trend, and sports houses are also on the scene, touting their compression wear in various shapes and designs. But like every bit of recent tech, there is plenty of talk about what works and what doesn’t. Here’s what we’ve been hearing about compression apparel, and why it’s not true:

Compression wear is not effective

Because compression wear is a relatively new science, it is still in the early stages of gaining mainstream acceptance. There are currently a few studies that support the individual effects of compression, but no research that supports all the benefits. However, some benefits of compression wear have been proven with use, such as the faster movement of lactic acid through the body and a faster recovery time.

Compression wear is only for the pros

Anyone can wear compression wear, because it helps control muscle vibration, delay muscle fatigue, reduce muscle damage and increase oxygen supply. These are things that all runners look out for when running, no matter a professional or an amateur.

Compression wear can heal your injuries

Compression wear provides support, but as they are only a piece of clothing meant to stabilise muscles. They don’t heal people. However, compression products can help ensure stability, recovery and prevention.

Warm weather is horrendous for compression wear

What’s true: compression wear is made to keep muscles warm during cold weather. However, during hot weather, compression wear helps to wick sweat away and reduce chafing, and with the right technology they can thermos-regulate so it would not heat you up more than usual.

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