5 Ways to Stay Motivated and Keep Running

Without any races globally or locally, how can we keep our morale up and find inspiration to keep pushing?


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With no races in sight throughout the world, whether it was the Sundown Marathon in Singapore you were looking forward to, or the Gold Coast Marathon in Australia, it is quite hard to stay the course and keep training. The early hours, the required mileage to hit, the pain from pushing to meet timings… most, or all of us, have at some point in our lives questioned our decisions.

This lack of purpose makes it hard to stay motivated, but here are some tips to help you:

1) Work out with friends

In Phase 2, we are allowed to resume sports and physical exercises with group activities limited to no more than five. That means you can gather four friends to run or work out with you! This will definitely give you more incentive to get out the door and get a run in.

2) Set a fixed schedule to work out

Set out fixed days and times to work out, set aside time for it and stick to it. Develop this habit over time and make sure you get out there to exercise regardless of the weather, rain or shine.

3) Set small goals

When a goal is too big or seems too far away, it is easy to feel demoralised. Thus, it is better to set yourself small short-term goals so you celebrate progress as you go along in your journey. For example, if you are planning to complete 20km, aim to start running three times a week first, then aim to complete 5km three times a week, then slowly increase to more runs or more distance a week. At the end of each week or month, you can treat yourself to a good meal!

4) Make effort to reduce stress

This period can become quite stressful, so try to minimise negativity in your life. Keep your mood light and happy, and control what you can, whilst letting go of what you can’t. Get enough sleep and rest too, and you might be in a better mood to exercise.

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These headphones will also come in handy for your daily activities, such as commuting and working from home, or when you travel in future.

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