A boost for the working athlete

How can supplements support an active lifestyle?


Multivitamin supplements come in many forms, all purportedly catering to the specific lifestyle needs of different individuals. While many see supplements as a way to boost a daily nutrient intake that may not be optimised due to lifestyle constraints, fitness enthusiasts are always looking for that something more to support their active lifestyles.

When running and training with friends is a way of life, you want the energy to keep up a steady pace and recover post-exercise as efficiently as possible.

When Blackmores launched its new Exercise Multi, a supplement formulated to support energy levels and maintain muscle health, we thought that rather than just talk about it, we should give it a go and see if it had any effects on runners who train regularly.

With Siberian Ginseng to support stamina, various B vitamins for energy and branched chain amino acids, the once-a-day supplement is essentially a boosted version of the standard multivitamin, with additional ingredients to support stamina and post-exercise recover.

Local running group Running Department is made up of a large mix of people from all walks of life, coming together for weekly training sessions.

blackmores jeremy

34-year-old Jeremy Kuang runs regularly with the group, and competes in several full marathons a year. While he has not taken any supplements for many years, his experience after a month with Blackmores Exercise Multi has made him reconsider.

He says, “During the first couple of days taking Exercise Multi once a day, I actually found that my heart rate was higher during exercise! It could be the effect of my body adjusting to the nutrient boost, as after the first couple of weeks, I found that I was able to sustain my energy throughout the day, even after a round of training in the morning or in the afternoon.”

blackmores eugene

32-year-old Eugene trains with Running Department because he enjoys pushing his stamina, and he claims that, “After trying out for weeks. I really like the ‘boost’. I felt that I had some extra energy and better recovery time, compared to the other generic supplements that I had been taking regularly.”

blackmores edmond

Fellow Running Department member, 30-year-old Edmond concurs, “I have taken generic vitamins for years, and after a month with Exercise Multi, I feel that there is an improvement in my stamina and post-run recovery. Of course, only training can make me faster and stronger, but I do feel the difference in my energy during exercise, which allows me to maintain a better form over a longer period of time.”

We are not professional athletes who have round-the-clock nutrition timetables, and we may not be able to always get the right kind of nutrition that we need to sustain our activity intensity level. Even if we have the knowledge, we may not have the ability to commit to the right kind of diet for the required nutrition due to other life commitments. Having the right vitamin supplement really helps in this case,” says Jeremy.

Find out more about Blackmores Exercise Multi here.

Blackmores Exercise Multi retails for S$53 for a bottle of 60 tablets. Find out more at Blackmores eshop and look for it in stores now at Guardian, Watsons, Mustafa, OG and Blackmores Flagship Store (Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Road, #B1-111).

Follow Eugene (@eugenefcs) and Jeremy (@jeremykuang) on their Instagram accounts, and Edmond on Facebook  to see how they are doing!


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