A Healthier Alternative for A Healthier New Year


Think about adding these products to your household next year when looking for healthier food and snacks.

Looking for healthier food? We’ve got your back.

At RUN Singapore, we are always on the lookout for great food and healthier alternatives, especially when you are gearing up for the end of the old year to prep for a whole new one. We stumbled across some great snacks, and are easy for your hand to reach for when you’re in the office and having a craving for something yummy.

Ally Crunchy Nibbs
DSC_0354Imagine eating biscuits with jam. It’s yummy, but after a while, you will start feeling a little sick, because of all the heavy butter and jam that you’re consuming. Your appetite is ruined, you can’t eat lunch now, and you’re sure you’ve put on at least a 1kg after finishing a whole packet.

Ally thinks they have a solution to that: Crunchy Nibbs.

Made with amaranth, and puffed locally in Singapore, the snack has been compared to popcorn, because of how the amaranth seed is puffed similarly to corn kernels to make this snack.  While the amaranth seeds are from Peru, the seeds are puffed locally in Singapore for, “maximum freshness”. When opened, the sealed packet reveals little round, coin-shaped pieces that are bite-sized, filled with amaranth seeds and resembles the texture of seed bells you feed birds with.

Holding each piece aloft, you can see the individual amaranth seeds, held together with gum Arabic dates, and raw sugar. Each piece is light as air and crunchy to boot. Chewing on a piece can seem hard, but it softens up as soon as it sits in your mouth.

As expected, each bite was sweet and light, and strangely addictive. We ate all the ones in the packet at one shot and didn’t even know it until the bag was empty.

Mother Earth’s Ancient Grains Peanut Butter

ancient grains

One of the easiest childhood snacks is a peanut butter and jam sandwich, and it’s simple to do. However, not all peanut butter is created equally. Lots of peanut butter brands add emulsifiers, sugar, and added oils. Mother Earth wanted to try and see if they could make it all natural, and they’ve succeeded with their range of peanut butter.

The one we tried, Ancient Grains Natural Peanut Butter is made with Australian or Argentinian Hi-Oleic Peanuts, which have more good oils than other peanuts. This particular type of peanut butter also has a few extra ingredients, such as buckwheat, puffed smelt, and white chia seeds.

When opened, the spread itself can look a little unappetising, with oil pooling at the top of the spread. However, don’t be put off by the oil: that’s how you know the peanut butter brand is all natural. Because it has no emulsifiers or additives, the oil released from the peanuts during the grinding process can rise to the surface over time.

Spreading the peanut butter on toast was the only problem with the spread, but we also attributed it to the type of bread our staff was using (typical supermarket white bread). After spreading a thick layer on the toast, and taking a bite, we can say their Ancient Grains Peanut Butter is an interesting alternative to the chunky peanut spread that is popular with consumers, and with the addition of puffed smelt and chia seeds, it will add a certain superfood boost to the already great formula of chunky peanut butter.

By: Champa Ha



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