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Engineered and designed for efficiency, adidas' 4DFWD gives everyday athletes responsiveness and precision in a shoe that's as innovative as it is striking.


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It’s easy to imagine finally being able to meet up with family and friends while wearing a pair of these core black adidas 4DFWD with eye-catching signal green accents. Paired together with your favourite pair of pants, they’ll grab attention as they show off adidas’ latest in running innovation – a 3D-printed lattice structure midsole.

Engineered for Excellence

Developed with performance running in mind, the adidas 4DFWD is right at home on the streets, with a highly responsive underfoot feel.

Honed from over four years spent analysing athlete data and a partnership with 3D printing technology firm, Carbon, a process called Digital Light Synthesis has been used to precisely translate all that data, design and engineering into a shoe with a 3D printed midsole. Among the first in the world to implement such innovation and cutting-edge technology in the production of its 4D range of footwear, adidas now has the ability to fine tune midsoles to specific patterns of movement, so that athletes of all levels can enjoy precision performance with every step.

The secret to this can be found in the tiny cell that makes up the unique 4D midsole, which adidas dubs the 4DFWD cell. Out of over 5 million possible cell variations, adidas found the one shape that can be coded to compress in one single direction – forwards.

This means that when a runner’s foot impacts the ground, the braking forces that result are reduced by the 4DFWD cells, which in turn redirect the impact into forward motion. What runners will really notice with every step is how the 4DFWD lattice midsole absorbs impact from each footfall and translates that into forward motion with a unique gliding or spring-like sensation with each push off.

Sustainable Performance

Compared to previous generations of adidas 4D midsoles, the technology in the new 4DFWD points to it being the most efficient to date. In controlled tests, the 4DFWD midsole was able to generate over 3 times as much forward motion under vertical loading and 23% more cushioning than its predecessors.

In keeping with adidas’ global commitment to end plastic waste, 40% of the materials used in the production of the unique 4DFWD midsole are from natural and renewable materials.  

Likewise, the new Primeknit+ upper that complements the 4DFWD was tailored to work in perfect harmony with the 4DFWD midsole, supporting each forward step with a sock-like fit while letting the foot breathe freely.

4DFWD Pulse

While the 4DFWD is all about letting everyday athletes run far and fast, the new 4DFWD Pulse is about letting them find their flow with enhanced cushioning so each run feels easier. 

Combining the best of 4D and EVA foam technology, the new 4DFWD Pulse has been coded for effortless miles. In the 4DFWD Pulse, the angled 4DFWD heel offers increased impact cushioning and absorption while an EVA midsole lets runners achieve more flowy heel transitions in each stride. Augmented by a stretchy 3-layered mesh upper that supports the foot’s lateral and linear movement, runners can expect to hit the ground running with confidence, and be assured of the 4DFWD Pulse’s ability to grip whatever our unpredictable city streets have to offer.

Made with Primegreen, 50% of the upper in the adidas 4DFWD Pulse features recycled content, with no virgin polyester used in its construction.

Take It Forward!

To mark the release of the new 4DFWD and the 4DFWD Pulse shoes, adidas has also launched the ‘Take It Forward’ Challenge through the adidas Running app. Participants can simply join in by clocking in 30km between now and 31 August 2021. This distance could be clocked in either through running, walking or working out on a treadmill. Better yet, take your running game forward and push your boundaries by running your best 2.4km and stand a chance to win a pair of 4DFWD shoes!

Check out the adidas Runners Singapore Facebook to find out more about this giveaway and a special 3-week training plan they have curated just for the adidas Runners community.

Follow the conversation on adidas Singapore’s Instagram (@adidassg) and Facebook (@adidasSG), and stay tuned for more exciting activities planned for 4DFWD.

Whichever your choice, add that dash of style and embrace the future of performance with the all new adidas 4DFWD ($280) and adidas 4DFWD Pulse ($240) which are available at select adidas Performance stores, via the adidas app and on


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