An Extra Crunch

Where to find a healthy snack that you can munch?


Words Champa Ha

If you’re like me and you work a 9-6 job, chances are you go home drained and tired dealing with deadlines, co-ordinating meetings, and Cynthia accidentally (on purpose) eating your yoghurt out of the fridge again.

While you’re stressed about having to juggle home life and work and annoyed that people are unable to read labels, you’re stumbling towards the cupboards, looking for something to eat. You’ve been feeling peckish since 3 pm (How hard is it to read,” NOT YOURS CYNTHIA!” when it was written all over the yoghurt cover AND on the post-it note stuck to it?) and you’re stressed, so you automatically go for the salty potato chips.

You eat. You’re sated but grumpy because you’ve just binge-ate a whole packet of chips and you were saving it for another occasion, like the other time you were going to sit in front of the television and stress-watch another Channel 5 show.

Well, this is a pattern. Not a very good pattern. The fact is, there is a possibility that you have an unhealthy dependence on food and eating your feelings. That’s not good.


You need to understand that part of being a healthier person involves you in a better emotional state in order to enjoy yourself. That might take a while to work on, so in the meantime, start by substituting the wrong food with healthier ones. Start by making sure that what you are putting in your body makes you feel better, health and taste wise.

Amazin’ Graze was started by two people who wanted to make healthy trail mixes for people that not only incorporated local tastes but tasted delicious and healthy. This means that while you might get conventional flavours such as Hazelnut Blackforest Granola and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola, they also have flavours such as Salted Gula Melaka and Matcha Green, and also a mixture of Western and Eastern tastes.

This means that you can eat it in various ways: whether straight out of the packet while watching TV, mixing it with frozen yoghurt to get that yummy crunch, baking it into muffins or even just eating it as a cereal, in front of your colleagues.

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The packs come in resealable bags that keep the granola fresh and you can easily store them on your desk or desk drawer far from other colleague’s prying fingers.If you’re not a fan of granola, Amazin’ Graze also makes the best nut mixes guaranteed for those who have fingers that want to pinch food and prefer a snackity snack at work. This includes flavours such as the Zesty Maple Glazed Nut Mix and the Coconut Curry Lime Nut Mix, good for eating with your breakfast, or to spread on a salad, or even on its own!

All the flavours are created to not only combine a mixture of proteins, antioxidants and nutritious ingredients for the healthiest creations but also ensure unique flavour.

All ingredients are made from sourced, all-natural ingredients that make the resulting granola delicious but affordable, and freshly baked weekly with no added preservatives and free of any refined sugar. Compare that to store-bought granola mixes from places like Cold Storage and NTUC Fairprice, where preservatives are added to extend store life and reduce wastage.

Each packet of Amazin’ Graze Granola has a stated shelf-life of four months, and chock-full of yummy goodness in the form of nuts, fruits, and other superfoods. They also offer gluten free options along with their regular versions of their products so those who are searching for cereal without gluten can rejoice!

If you’re not sure of what flavours to get, don’t worry. RUN SG is currently selling starter kits in the RUN Shop! Choose between the Amazin’ Graze Granola Bundle, where one purchase gets you five packets of granola, each different from each other; or the Amazin’ Graze Granola and Nut Mix Bundle, which gives you three packets of granola and two packets of nut mixes.


Let the unhealthy snacking stop. Let yourself work hard towards a better, healthier future. However, there’s a possibility Cynthia might catch wind of your new tasty treats and might try to wrangle some for herself. The best way to do it? Share some with her. Maybe she’ll like it so much she’ll buy her own packet of granola to go along with all that stolen yoghurt she ate from the fridge.

Or you can just steal the staple bullets out of her stapler.

No one said you had to always take the upper road.

The Amazin’ Grace Granola Bundle and the Amazin’Grace Granola and Nut Mix Bundle are currently on sale now on the RUN Shop. 


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