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The sport of running may look very intuitive but most certainly, it is more than just putting on a pair of shoes and hitting the tarmac. For an optimal and effective run, one has consider factors such as biomechanics, nutrition, psychology and equipment.

It’s quite a lot to think about especially if you’re new to running. But if you want a ‘quick start’, you can always get a crash course from experts such as Ben Pulham.

Ben will be leading a series of running clinics organised by Under Armour. The first session started on 7 September, 6.45pm at the Kallang Practice track.

Just to list a few of Ben’s credentials, he founded Coached, a holistic online training programme for runners and triathletes. He was a professional triathlete who represented New Zealand at Triathlon World Championships, World Cups and in the Olympic Trials. The Kiwi worked with thousands of athletes and global brands such as P&G, Apple, Standard Chartered, Facebook, Cisco and BMW.
ua1In short, you’ll be getting some top-notch tips on how to run faster, farther and more effectively. You can register for the running clinic here.

We spoke with Ben and got his thoughts on the Under Armour running clinic, which was put together with the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) in mind. 

Can you give us an overview of the programme?

Ben: The programme will be progressive and it will build towards the SCMS. Participating in the marathon is not a prerequisite for joining the programme, but I felt it would be good to structure the programme around a goal. Each session will combine a warm up, main set, cool down and Q&A. The main set will not be a traditional run. It will be a series of drills, exercises, track sets and testing that will teach runners about different components of training. This format allows me to share the benefits of training with purpose and structure. 

What makes your running clinics different from the others?

I have a unique skill set as a coach, so rather than just coming and having me take you for a run, I use my skill set and experience to teach runners about training, nutrition and other things as we go through the session and programme. 

Who can benefit the most from the programme? Beginners? Seasoned runners?

I am confident that all levels of runners will benefit from the session if they come along with an open mind and check their ego at the door. I’m an advocate of each runner working to their current ability so that is how it will be. The fitter ‘faster’ guys will do more of the ‘specific work’ within each session while the less fit or ‘slower’ guys will do a bit less. 

What’s the key message that you want to convey to prospective participants?

Success comes to those who plan. Builders have architects plans, pilots have flight plans and checklists and businesses use marketing, financial, operational plans and the like. If your goal is to improve your performance and be healthy, it is good to have a plan. Join in to see what a structured plan looks like and how it can easily be applied to your daily life in pursuit of your goals.

Under Armour Technology Highlight: Charged Cushioning
charged-bandit-2The Charged Cushioning technology is a feature that can be found in most Under Armour running shoes. The special midsole absorbs the impact from every foot strike and converts it into a responsive burst of energy. Your feet will feel more comfortable during your runs and you’ll get an extra spring in your step. Check out Under Armour’s range of shoes with Charged Cushioning here.

 Since 1996, Under Armour has been empowering sportsmen to outperform themselves. Apart from innovative sports gear, Under Armour has also put together competitions and programmes such Test of Will and community runs to help you achieve your athletic best.

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