Back to the Gym with the Sony WF-SP800N Truly Wireless Sports Headphones

For Yao Xiang, his return to the gym has been boosted by these headphones.


Photos Cheryl Tay and Sony

Not having access to a gym and proper equipment for nearly three months can really throw a spanner in the works, especially for those who have a specific gym training programme that they adhere to.

For co-founder of HIIT gym GRITYARD, Lim Yao Xiang, he had to change up his usual routine of training with weights and get creative with his given circumstances.

“I used to train at least two hours a day in the gym but over the Circuit Breaker period, I learnt how to be more efficient with my workouts. I designed different types of workouts to do outside the gym and I started going to the car park at my condo with some light equipment like parallel bars and resistance bands.

“Over the weeks, I found the routine was becoming stale so I started adding sprints and shuttle runs within the condo compound to the HIIT sets I was doing,” the 37-year-old former national water polo player shared.

When it was announced that gyms could operate in Phase 2, though at a reduced capacity, Yao Xiang was excited that he could see his members again. On top of that, he was also grateful that he could start focusing on weights training again since he now has access to the gym.

His latest addition to his renewed gym routine is the Sony WF-SP800N Truly Wireless Sports Headphones. “The fit of the buds in the ear is very important for me because I need a pair that allows me to move freely around and do any exercises I wish without worrying that they will fall out. As most of our exercises can be dynamic and explosive, I like that the three-dimensional curved design of these headphones ensure a secure, comfortable fit,” he shared.

The WF-SP800N headphones are also resistant to water, sweat and dust, so you can wash them after working up a sweat from a tough training session. One very useful feature is Quick Attention, where you simply place your finger over the headphone to turn down the volume so you can chat with someone without having to take your headphones off.

Tips on returning to the gym in Phase 2:

1) Start at a pace that your body can handle. If you have not been working out regularly at home, do come back slowly and don’t feel demoralised if you find that your fitness levels are not the same as before. It will take time to get back into the groove, so just keep working at it.

2) Do not overestimate yourself, even if you have been religiously working out at home. Intensity increases exponentially with weights, especially the heavier weights that you have not been using for months.

3) Continue to observe safe measures, practise good hygiene habits and follow the protocols set by the gym.

The Sony WF-SP800N Truly Wireless Sports Headphones are now available at S$299. Shop online now during Sony's Mid Year Promotion and receive a FREE Gregory Sacoche M Bag worth $69. Terms and conditions apply. 


With the perfect combination of Noise Cancelling, Water Resistance and Smart Features, Sony’s range of truly wireless sports headphones can help any athlete stay focused on their goals and motivated during their workout.


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