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What is a Recovery Run?


When you’re training and hyping yourself up for the big race, it’s all too easy to forget that going easy is also a key part of getting better. The long recovery run is an often forgotten workout amongst many leisure runners, but it is highly beneficial in the lead up to, and after your big race day.

A recovery run is typically an easy-paced session, performed within 24 hours after a hard session or a race. Sports coaches often advocate these easy workouts to flush out lactic acid build up, which can help speed up muscle recovery. A slow run can also be relaxing, and allow you to see your usual route in a different light. These sessions will not inflict too much stress on your body, and can actually help you build better fatigue resistance. Just how relaxed should you be? A general guideline is that your recovery run pace should be done at around 65 per cent of your maximum heart rate, or slightly less.

Of course, optimal footwear makes your recovery run more enjoyable, and the New Balance FreshFoam 1080v10, with its plush, 8mm offset and full-length FreshFoam X midsole, is one that you really should try out. You’ll quickly appreciate why the 1080 has remained a stalwart favourite on the runner’s scene here. The distance tested geometry of the 1080 is given a new feel with the FreshFoam X, an updated version of the original material, and the new 10th generation 1080 delivers an even more consistent and durable rebound with every step.

Or you can go with the New Balance FuelCell Propel, which packs a midsole with slightly more bounce in the form of the FuelCell foam, which offers plenty of cushioning and consistency over long distances. The NDurance outsole provides excellent durability, so you can be sure that the shoe will keep going over all those long exploration runs.

The hardest part of completing a good recovery run is to resist the temptation to pick up the pace, consciously or not. Remember to keep to a comfortable pace, and with a plush pair of running shoes on your feet, the recovery run might just become another invaluable component of your personal training program.

Get the New Balance 1080v10 (S$239) and New Balance FreshFoam Propel (S$159) in stores now!


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