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The upcoming Club Challenge, organised by TRI-Factor, is a great way to bond with your buddies. Featuring Aqua-Run (Swim-Run-Swim), Run-Swim (Run-Swim-Run), and full triathlon categories, each club in the Invitation Race will have the allowance to send two representatives to take part in the Long-Distance Category of each race. Regardless of male or female representatives, total time for both members will be taken into account of their standings.
  1. T1A+T1B = 3hr 30mins , T2A + T2B = 3hrs 10mins (T2 is faster than T1)
For athletes in the Club Team Challenge, points accumulated by each member within their individual category will be tallied up. The Aqua-Run, Run-Swim and Triathlon races, at distances in the Sprint category or longer, will be eligible. The more members doing longer distances, the higher the chance of winning! Each event with highest Club Points will be awarded the Club Challenge Champion. The races begin on 14th April, with the TRI-Factor AquaRun Club Challenge, followed by the TRI-Factor Run-Swim Club Challenge on 16th June, and finally, the TRI-Factor Triathlon Club Challenge on 14th July. If all this sounds a little confusing at first, fret not! More information is available here! Club Challenge image


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