BioRoyale Groback Shampoo and Conditioner

On a lookout for good hair products that you can use after a long and hard training session?


Words Champa Ha

Runners are always on the lookout for good hygiene products, whether it be odour-repellent or foot powder. This year, with global warming on the loom, we are always game to try good hair products that you can use after a long training session.

BioRoyale, a local brand and company based in Singapore, has claimed to find the answer. In fact, they stand by their belief by packaging them with, “This Is the Secret You’ll Want to Keep” all over their boxes, and it will be a tall order to meet.

The BioRoyale Groback shampoo and conditioner contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea extract and argan oil, along with other ingredients such as saw palmetto that helps to regrow hair and reduce hair fallout. It also helps to block the chemical that occurs most in male pattern baldness. The products are formulated without parabens and sulfate and is made of natural ingredients. The BioRoyale Groback Shampoo and Conditioner are in similar bottles, not small enough for most travel-sized products, but you would still be able to carry the products around for races.

I have dry-ish hair due to the multiple times of dyeing it red (goooooo redheads!) and a bad perm that unraveled due to poor chemicals. This has also resulted in frizzy ends that make my hair look like paper that has been crumpled after an angry writer’s frustrating night (based on a true story), and fallout. With constant exposure from the sun, and an oily scalp, I’m a person who is constantly keen on having good hair products to reproduce my naturally thick hair texture. So reviewing the shampoo and conditioner was interesting.

The shampoo is mildly scented, making it pleasant enough to wear without making it too strong and annoying. On my hair, it took more than a few pumps to get the shampoo I needed out, which may be a thing to consider in the future when BioRoyale considers repackaging.

After the first use of the shampoo, I was a little wary. While I had followed the instructions of the bottle and use of the shampoo, I found that my hair had all clumped together in a manner I would describe as,” plastic-ky”. Without the use of the conditioner, my hair would have been all tangled up and unable to manage while it dried.

After doing some research on the matter, I found that quite a few shampoos we use that make our hair look smooth and shiny immediately are formulated with silicone and sulfate. After prolonged use, it builds up in your hair, making it heavy, sealing the hair follicle with silicone. It can then lead to hair loss, an extremely dry and itchy scalp and even cancer. Thus, using a shampoo that does not have silicone or sulfate can lead to slightly duller hair at first while it breaks down the silicone build up, before making the hair shinier, healthier and growing faster.

This was the case with my hair. After a few washes, the hair was softer, more manageable and felt thicker when I tied it back up. I did not have much fall out when I showered, and my scalp did feel much cleaner than before.  Best of all, after 3 weeks of using the shampoo, I had less frizzy hair, and it looked more smoothed out than before. When used with the conditioner, my hair had volume, and was manageable, making me feel happier appearance wise.

Time will tell if my hair grows longer faster because of the shampoo, but so far, it’s doing pretty great.

The BioRoyale Groback Shampoo and Conditioner is available in and retails for $65 for the set.


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