Boost Muscle Health, Dispel Cramps with Magnesium

What's impeding your fitness performance? Can supplements play a part?


Now you may be thinking, what use is magnesium to fitness enthusiasts? It’s actually an essential mineral used by every organ, and active in more than 300 chemical reactions in your body.

Besides helping to support muscle health, heart health and nervous system function, magnesium may help to relieve muscle cramps, support cellular energy production and support exercise performance. An adequate intake of magnesium can also aid in relaxation and help support sleep.

It’s a key player in a wide range of processes in our bodies. The mineral helps regulate muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels and blood pressure, as well as helping make protein, bone and DNA.

While most green vegetables, legumes, peas, beans and nuts are rich in magnesium, highly refined foods that we often consume in our fast-paced lives contain very little.

If you are a fitness enthusiast that suffers from the occasional bout of muscle cramps, you would undoubtedly have researched on the causes, which can include dehydration, electrolyte deficiencies, and muscle fatigue. One of the established causes is also inadequate amounts of magnesium in your food intake.

From a fitness enthusiast’s point of view, low magnesium levels reduce endurance and athletic performance by increasing oxygen requirements of the body. Heavy exercise can trigger or exacerbate magnesium deficiency, possibly due to a higher loss via perspiration and urinary output.

The funny thing is, individual rates of magnesium absorption is quite adaptive to our diet. Studies have demonstrated that when you do not have enough magnesium in your food intake, your body actually becomes a little more efficient at absorbing what you do eat. Alcohol, caffeine and excess salt intake can also affect our magnesium absorption levels.

Whatever the variables, it’s still an excellent idea to ensure that you have an adequate daily intake of the mineral though, as magnesium’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions could help delay fatigue and muscle recovery-related inflammation.

In adequate levels, magnesium also promotes vasodilation, potentially improving blood flow to the muscles to reduce the frequency of muscle cramps.

Blackmores SG Muscle Magnesium (150g)_1707 LR

One of the best ways to keep your daily levels up is with magnesium citrate, which in powdered form, is one of the most efficient ways to ensure an adequate intake. The Blackmores Muscle Magnesium contains 320mg of magnesium. Formulated to be mixed into cold beverages, it’s an easier and more convenient way to ensure that you have enough for all your body’s needs daily.

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