Breaking a Sweat with the Sony Float Run: BKrs Review

Marathon runners from BKrs, Goh Boon Hwa and Katherine Lim, share their thoughts on how the Sony Float Run headphones held up during their workout session.


A group of 10 runners from Backkickers Running (BKrs) got to try their hands on the latest SONY Float Run sport headphones. As the latest addition to their already impressive arsenal of headphones – this sports model is designed specifically to endure the rigours of running and suit the needs of performance athletes.

The first half of the session saw the athletes don the Float Run headphones and putting them through a series of running drills focused on developing good running form as part of their warm-up routine before the main session. Led by Coach Andy Neo who is a seasoned marathoner himself, the runners then broke into various groups to start off their drill workouts and specific strength exercises to improve their psychomotor control.

We caught up with two runners from the group, Goh Boon Hwa and Katherine Lim, after their respective workouts to hear what their thoughts and feedback on the new Sony Float Run headphones were:

RUN SG: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Boon Hwa: My name is Goh Boon Hwa and I am a marathon runner. I picked up running in 2011 as I wanted to keep fit and stay healthy for my family - and for that reason - I got motivated to start my running journey.

Katherine: Hi, my name is Katherine Lim and I am an avid endurance sports junkie – from swimming and road cycling to marathons – who juggles long training hours and races with daily life as a mother of two and full-time work.

RUN SG: What are your favourite running events?

Boon Hwa: It must be the Tokyo Marathon because of the great atmosphere and supportive spectators. I have never seen so many spectators lining up the street from the start point to the finishing line. The energy from the spectators keeps you going even when things get tough – also worth mentioning are how hospitable the Japanese area!

Katherine: My personal favourite is the Boston Marathon because the whole vibe of the race was just amazing. Boston is known as the infamously tough course amongst the World Marathon Majors but it was not the iconic Heartbreak hill and Wellesley's scream tunnel that made the race special but electrifying the atmosphere was with thousands of loud cheering crowds along the entire course.

It is true that every marathon is a different experience to savour, and for me personally the Boston Marathon has left a deep impression and I am always sure to let other avid runners know that this one is race you want to tick off on your bucket list.

RUN SG: What is a good sound track for training or racing especially for performance in your opinion?

Boon Hwa: My personal preference is to have a curated playlist of songs with high BPM - typically with 180 Beats Per Minute (BPM). I tend to run in rhythm to the beats of the song I am listening to so this really helps me maintain a higher cadence especially since my target is to hit an average of 170 to 180 steps per minute during training and racing!

RUN SG: What are your first impressions of the Sony Float Run, and how you would integrate it into your routines?

Boon Hwa: I must admit I was initially sceptical of the design and was pleasantly surprised that there was no “bouncing” of the headphones even when we were doing the running drills before the session that involved a lot of horizontal and vertical oscillations due to the various quick and sudden movements. The Sony Float Run provides a secure fit and I foresee it as a staple device I will use for training and day to day use.

Katherine: The Sony Float Run’s open dynamic design is neither in-ear nor bone conducting so it already gave me a great first impression.  It is IPX4 waterproof and fits well over the ear such that it does not cause irritation. When we took it for a trial it did not bounce off during the session and offered some superb sound quality over the playlist I selected - all this while allowing me to stay aware of my surroundings for safety purposes thanks to how the design allows music to naturally mix in with ambient sounds.

RUN SG: Quickfire question – Aesthetics or Practicality?

Katherine: That is an easy answer for me – if the purpose is for run training, I would most certainly look for something practical rather than aesthetically pleasing. Given that I am a heavy sweater and perspire a lot while running in our local climate, I find that the conventional in-ear headphones or earbuds do not suit me as they cause me quite a lot of discomfort especially when drenched in sweat and tend to spoil easily over time.

Experience the Sony Float Run headphones for a retail price of S$199 (inclusive of GST) from selected retail shops or Sony's online store. Enjoy an exclusive 10% discount by using promo code FLOATRUN10 when purchasing from Sony Store Online!

Led by Andy Neo, 2019 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Master AG Champion, BKrs is a running training group. With various training sessions available throughout the week, the running group caters to all fitness levels from leisure runners to high performance ones. For more information, please visit BKrs.


With the perfect combination of Noise Cancelling, Water Resistance and Smart Features, Sony’s range of truly wireless sports headphones can help any athlete stay focused on their goals and motivated during their workout.


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