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Triumph has recently launched the Autumn/Winter Collection, with new designs and colours to go with their earlier collection, and the RUNSG team decided to take them out for a spin.


Words Champa Ha

A while ago, I wrote about my experience wearing the Triumph Triaction Bra when invited to participate in the product’s launch at Bounce INC, Singapore’s Indoor Urban Playground. (It was a trampoline park. Spoiler: IT WAS AWESOME.) You can read more my first review of the bra here, as well as my experience wearing it while doing a rather intensive workout.

Triumph has recently launched the Autumn/Winter Collection, with new designs and colours to go with their earlier collection, and with my colleagues, we decided to take them out for a spin.


Having never worn the Triaction bra before, my colleagues went along with the plan to test the bras out with: a one-hour Zumba session as organised by the Toa Payoh Community Club and Velocity@Novena, held outside the shopping centre, free for all to attend.

One of my colleagues and I had attended the session before and were impressed with how intense it was. The other colleague had never done a Zumba class but was confident in her abilities to catch up as much as she could. Apart from me, the others had not worn a Triaction bra before and were not sure what to expect. I was there to not only write about the experience but also to see for myself if the quality of the bra was still consistent, and the first time I wore it was not a fluke.

The research methodology was simple:  After the event, I would make my colleagues take a questionnaire to streamline their opinions, answering from a scale of one to ten to place their answers on a spectrum.

1) How secure did you feel before the exercise?
1- Not Secure and 10- Very, very secure

2) How much bounce did you feel during the event? 
1- Not at all and 10 – Lots of bounce

3) How worried were you about spillage during the event?
1- Not at all and 10- A lot

4) How comfortable was the bra?
1- very uncomfortable and 10- very comfortable

5) Would you recommend the bra and the brand to a friend?
1- Not At All and 10- Yes I would.

These were the results I got from both:

Colleague A: Wears a 75B

Wearing: The Control Lite Sports Bra in Pink (not from the Autumn/Winter collection)

“It’s very secure, and I didn’t feel that much bounce during the entire event, and that could be most likely because of the cutting of the bra, along with the mesh overfront. When I was doing the moves, I didn’t feel much bounce.

“Best of all? It’s very comfortable. 100 percent will recommend to friends because bra companies are more likely to make better sports bras than sporting brands.”

Colleague B: Wears an 80D

Wearing: The Control Lite Sports Bra in Red and Dark Print (Exclusive from the Autumn/Winter collection)

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting the comfort! Sports bras tend to hitch on me when I wear them, and as a size D, it gets harder to find a good, reliable bra to wear for sports, that’s also comfortable! It’s just difficult to find good bras and when I do, I’ll stick with them!

“I’m going to exercise more solely because of this bra since I don’t have to worry about support!”


I agreed with both.

The Control Lite Sports Bra continues to amaze people who have never found a comfortable sporting bra before, especially those of C-D cup. While sports companies have never neglected athletes who have breasts, the fact is not many have been able to produce one that actually understands breast movement and the need for more support.

The Triaction Control Lite sports bra features a dynamic LITE concept, which means less weight but so much more support. Their 3D Powertech Innovation means three layers of anti-bounce control and smart 3D power straps, which makes it lightly padded for low friction performance; all the comfort without the bulk. Bounce tested by the University of Portsmouth, the bra provides an impressive 74 percent bounce control and made with breathable cups so you won’t feel uncomfortable sweat under your breasts the whole time.


It is important for more companies to listen to their customer base when it comes to sportswear, especially for under-garments like the sports bra.  We hope companies like Triumph would take the opportunity to branch out into more sizes for those who require sizes E and up so that we can all enjoy the success of the Triaction Bra.

Dear Triumph:


The Triaction Autumn/Winter Collection 2017 is available in all Triumph stores,, and leading retailers.


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