Reducing the Effects of DOMS

Photo: Martine Jacobsen Even though delayed onset muscle soreness, commonly shortened to DOMS, maybe a natural post-workout effect through the course of building muscular strength and endurance, it is important to note that we need not necessarily be at its mercy. This post will mainly focus on some methods ...

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Super Foods that are Super Easy to Find

In this past blog post, Alvin Ng talks about how we can easily find superfoods to consume every day and educates how and why it works so well for the body. Dwelling in this modern, fast-paced era has made us prioritize convenience over other things. From everyday tools, appliances to ...

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Get fit to run!

Running is a skill that humans are supremely adapted for, there are more than 20 physiological and biomechanical qualities and adaptations that make us one of the most efficient running animals on earth. While we are far from the fastest or the strongest animal on earth, we, however, have ...

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Gutted About Acid Reflux

by Champa Ha If you’re like me and have trouble doing high intensity exercise due to acid reflux, congratulations, join the club. We serve Galviscone by the mug. My recent bout of it was two days ago. While at the ASICS Relay pre-event body combat class, I was in ...

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