A Man and His Best Friend

The smallest member of the Madrid family also happens to be the family’s chief fitness motivator. Jack Madrid loves running and is usually so eager to head for his weekly Saturday morning sessions that he will bark loudly to wake the family up bright and early. Jack is a ...

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David Shum’s Learning Journey

The 48-year-old running coach tells why he remains motivated about his weekend ‘job’. Q: Tell us a little about yourself. A: I am an adjunct lecturer in the Building Construction Authority Academy, but am also a certified running coach and sports therapist. I started running many years ago recreationally, ...

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Natalie Yeo: Time to Run

How do you start running if you are not a huge runner to begin with? We talk to Natalie Yeo, who tells us all her secrets. Fitness enthusiast Natalie Yeo isn’t a natural runner. The very busy financial executive may be big on fitness but concedes that running long ...

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What An 80’s Feeling!

by Champa Ha The 80s are making a comeback in the pop-culture mania. Whether watching Guardians of the Galaxy, Baby Driver, or even Deadpool, the nostalgia is legit. And when you’re watching Rocky, Rambo, Flashdance, or even Dirty Dancing, there will always be a montage to depict the training ...

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gladys leong

The Strength of a Body

The feminine ideal is redefined every day and no one fits this more than Gladys Leong. The 37-year-old is a Body Transformation Trainer, a mother of three, and loves looking good. She trains hard to maintain her body and feel good every day. We talk to Gladys and asks ...

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