Hey Supplements, What’s Good?

While most of us would be able to get the vitamins and minerals we need from food alone, not all of us are able-bodied to produce as much as a full-grown adult would need. Supplements, therefore, are a tool to help these people get that important juice for an ...

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The Secret Ingredient All Fathers Need.

Dear Fathers, When you reach a certain age, your energy wanes. This is a legit thing that many face, especially when you consider that you’re part of the sandwich generation: stuck between looking after ageing parents and becoming the support system your children need. Exercise can be a struggle: juggling ...

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4 Compression Myths Busted!

Many people are on the compression apparel trend, and sports houses are also on the scene, touting their compression wear in various shapes and designs. But like every bit of recent tech, there is plenty of talk about what works and what doesn’t. Here’s what we’ve been hearing about ...

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Trail Running Tips

Tell your friends where you are, or take someone with you. Running may seem like a lone person sport but trail running is when problems can arise because of the unevenness of the terrain. At the very least, take a cell phone with you in the case of emergencies, ...

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Tape Up On A Saturday Afternoon

On Saturday, RUN Singapore, together with trainers at CELL gym, held a kinesiology taping session for those who wanted to know more about taping. For some of us, taping seems to be a rather intricate art. You can’t just take your masking tape and use it to tape up ...

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runners league

Horn of Plenty

Singaporeans have pride over the areas where they live (Except maybe the residents of Yishun). The Runners League is the opportunity to show how much. In four races throughout the country, you represent your zone through two race categories and run as fast as possible. All the race timings ...

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Fun Runs Are Never Ogre

DreamWorks Day is predicted to be a day full of family fun, buffoonery, and many cartoonish personalities. And that’s not counting the fictional characters that will be making an appearance at Gardens by the Bay, on the 24th June 2017. Join your favourite characters from four of DreamWorks’ most ...

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