Runners Convention

Why would you choose to keep a good thing down, like two successful editions of the Runners Convention?  This year’s edition promises to deliver more via seminars, practical workshops and of course, actual running. This year, as a literal nod to Singapore’s ever changing urban jungle, the theme of ...

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Who Tells Your Story?

Everybody has a story, a novel that writes itself with every minute of a human life. Run for Hope, for example, has its roots in human tragedy. When the founder and CEO of The Four Seasons hotel chain, Isadore Sharp, lost his son Christopher to melanoma cancer, he worked ...

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Safari Zoo Run 2017

Do you remember Ah Meng, the Sumatran Orangutan that captured our hearts and our imaginations when she was first introduced as the mascot of the Singapore Zoo? Friendly, approachable and interactive, she was iconic and represented Singapore’s tourism, inviting everyone all around to have ‘Breakfast with Ah Meng’. We ...

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Just Do It

Nike’s brand has never been about sitting on the steps and wishing about the future. Instead, the long-established brand takes hesitation and smashes it to smithereens. With this in mind, the newest project that they’ve chosen to take on explores the possibility of completing a full marathon in under ...

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The Ivory Tower

by Champa Ha Vertical challenges are on the up and up, especially when you consider the challenge the  Swissôtel building in City Hall holds on the average athlete. At 73 floors and totaling 1,336 steps, the building poses as the ivory tower people would want to climb and champion ...

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Panic! At Zouk’s Last Run

by Champa Ha The local clubber’s foundation years starts with the first half-hearted shuffles at Zouk. At 25 years of age, the place is still a popular night spot for young kids looking for a good time as well as a place to chill for the mature generation. The ...

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