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Forget regret or think that life is yours to miss. Join the YOLO run and do something with no reservations! The YOLO Run Singapore is back for the third year in a row, and capitalises on the popular social hashtag that for the uninitiated, means You Only Live Once. ...

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Great Eastern Women’s Run 2017

One of the most highly attended women’s only events in Singapore, the annual Great Eastern Women’s Run has a long and proud tradition to uphold. This year’s race will take place on 12th November and event registration was launched on 19th July at One Raffles Place. A queue was ...

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runners league

Horn of Plenty

Singaporeans have pride over the areas where they live (Except maybe the residents of Yishun). The Runners League is the opportunity to show how much. In four races throughout the country, you represent your zone through two race categories and run as fast as possible. All the race timings ...

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Fun Runs Are Never Ogre

DreamWorks Day is predicted to be a day full of family fun, buffoonery, and many cartoonish personalities. And that’s not counting the fictional characters that will be making an appearance at Gardens by the Bay, on the 24th June 2017. Join your favourite characters from four of DreamWorks’ most ...

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Climb Every Mountain

If the National Vertical Marathon were a person, it would be a 22 year-old youth, a person of absolute energy and vitality, and still at the prime of its life. That wouldn’t be an inaccurate statement. The National Vertical Marathon is a race of epic proportions that requires boundless ...

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