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N-Tape Yourself Up!

Designed by a Japanese chiropractor in the 1980s, Nitto is the pioneer in manufacturing Kinesiology Tape. Usually made from thin, stretchy cotton strip with an adhesive on one side, Kinesiology Tape, unlike most other tapes, is highly stretchable longitudinally and breathable thanks to its wave-like patterns. Users can wear ...

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I Think I Have an Arch Problem

Running enthusiasts will often happily go along with coaching programs and consult various other specialists to help them run faster or better, and then when injury strikes, visit various sports doctors or listen to their friend for remedies. Visiting a podiatrist for sport and foot-related issues is still some ...

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The Eyes in the Sky

Long ago, back in the dark ages, a ‘sports watch’ was considered a wrist watch. They were most likely digital and featured a built-in multi-function stopwatch. Great for timing your training sessions and comparing split times, but detailed statistics required further pen and paper calculation on your part. Real-time ...

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Fear of Open Water

by Fiona Lee I attended an open water clinic on Sunday, organised by the triathlon training group and event organiser Tri-Factor, as part of their lead-up to the actual triathlon. While my life goal is to complete an actual triathlon, I do have a phobia of swimming and no ...

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Roll The Pain Away!

Feeling tight all over? All that exercising can cause your muscles to tense up over time, especially if you haven’t been exercising regularly and are now in panic training mode for that upcoming annual IPPT. The instructors at Pure Fitness have tuned us in to the benefits of roller ...

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