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An Extra Crunch

by Champa Ha If you’re like me and you work a 9-6 job, chances are you go home drained and tired dealing with deadlines, co-ordinating meetings, and Cynthia accidentally (on purpose) eating your yoghurt out of the fridge again. While you’re stressed about having to juggle home life and ...

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Warrior Women

By Champa Ha Watching five women train together for an event such as the recent Spartan Race is a little unorthodox, especially so when these women are of different ages and have never met each other outside of the gym they train in. But as these five women would ...

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The Yoga and Running Relationship

In an exclusive class conducted by Pure Yoga, Run Singapore readers learnt first-hand about how yoga can complement a runner’s routine. The hour-long yoga session was designed for people who spend a lot of time running, and with endurance sports in mind. The specialised class focused on strengthening weak ...

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Back Pain 30

The Problem From Down Under

by Fiona Lee A week ago, I shared the experience of attending the ASICS Training Escapade held at the Warehouse Hotel here and mentioned a pre-workout consultation with the specialists from Urban Rehab. When doing so, I met with professional Senior Specialist, Lisa Gold. I spoke to her about my ...

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Your Abs Will Thank You Later

By Fiona Lee So, last weekend I had a great session at the exclusive ASICS Training Escapade, led by Australian trainer Tanya Poppett. The women’s-only overnight training camp was something I was excited for. However, it was also a little nerve wracking before I got there. Despite the fact ...

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pure yoga

Yoga Rocks

Ever thought of using yoga as a supplementary exercise to all that mileage you’re getting from running every week? Yoga may not be high on the list of exercises to try for runners, but we decided to get the lowdown from the yoga instructors at Pure Yoga. Miyram Acosta ...

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Wave Horizon (2)

Mizuno Wave Horizon

Mizuno is the brand from Japan that everyone can name when you think of leading sports brands. Founded in 1906, the company manufactures a wide selection of sportswear for running, football, golf, baseball, and other sports. With Mizuno, you will always look forward to shoes that are stylish, sleek, ...

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Running Etiquette

Running is a great sport because you can do it wherever and whenever you want. However, during casual runs, when you are running on roads and trails that are regularly shared by other people, you have to remember that you are still in public, and being a healthy individual ...

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