Roll The Pain Away!

Feeling tight all over? All that exercising can cause your muscles to tense up over time, especially if you haven’t been exercising regularly and are now in panic training mode for that upcoming annual IPPT. The instructors at Pure Fitness have tuned us in to the benefits of roller ...

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The Yoga and Running Relationship

In an exclusive class conducted by Pure Yoga, Run Singapore readers learnt first-hand about how yoga can complement a runner’s routine. The hour-long yoga session was designed for people who spend a lot of time running, and with endurance sports in mind. The specialised class focused on strengthening weak ...

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Yoga Rocks

Ever thought of using yoga as a supplementary exercise to all that mileage you’re getting from running every week? Yoga may not be high on the list of exercises to try for runners, but we decided to get the lowdown from the yoga instructors at Pure Yoga. Miyram Acosta ...

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