Compress and Perform

Every sports apparel seem to be made of synthetic fabrics these days. But not too long ago, cotton has been the go-to for many brands, because of the material’s breathability and low cost of production. However, cotton absorbs and retains perspiration, and this made it uncomfortable to wear while ...

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Armed for Running

The sport of running may look very intuitive but most certainly, it is more than just putting on a pair of shoes and hitting the tarmac. For an optimal and effective run, one has consider factors such as biomechanics, nutrition, psychology and equipment. It’s quite a lot to think ...

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Run Singapore is the first flagship title created by Bold Ink Magazines in 2012. Positioned as the only running magazine in Singapore, the publication has since built its strong reputation within the running/sports industry. With almost 80% of all leading sports brands advertising with the magazine and a fast growing subscriber base, the publication is set to be the leading running magazine in the region.

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