Under Armour SpeedForm Velociti

The Under Armour SpeedForm Velociti is a completely new design from the brand, available in both men’s and women’s styles and UA states that it is designed for the fastest of runners. It’s a literal competitive market out there for racing shoes, so does the Velociti live up to ...

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x3 03

Jaybird X3

There’s a fine line to walk with marketing sports oriented headphones to the public. As a brand name, you’ve got to have some sporting pedigree, and also a convincing amount of audio-geek know-how on board to convince other that you know what you’re doing. The trouble is, these two ...

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Under Armour SpeedForm Europa

Under Armour running shoes have made a lot of progress in the last couple of years. From their initial exploration into building shoes designed with one-piece uppers and seamless internals, the brand has refined the building technique to a point where they can push styling and design choices in ...

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The Sony XB510AS Extra Bass Sports

by Champa Ha Sony has often been known to punch above its weight when it comes to affordable mid-priced earphones, and into the fray comes their latest offering to the market, the XB510AS Extra Bass Sports. The naming convention may be as clunky as ever, but with a waterproof ...

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ASICS GEL Quantum 360

It’s fascinating how fads and trends in many industries swing from one extreme to the other. Just out of the minimalist running shoe fad, shoemakers are now telling us that the soft, cushy midsole is in again. It’s not a new idea, but these things have a way of ...

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rio3 01

Erato Rio 3

We’ve been treated to plenty of wireless earphones over the last few months, and when the Erato Rio 3 first arrived we were a little skeptical to what they promised. True wireless sports earphones that are comfortable AND won’t fall out during physical activity? Many others have claimed the ...

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