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You don’t need to be an exercise addict to be healthy. Here are 3 ways to build a healthy living lifestyle wherever you are.


Words Alvin Ho
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When it comes to advocating the notion of keeping fit and healthy, it does not necessarily take an athlete or fitness enthusiast to carry out the deed. Anyone at any level of fitness can assume the role of championing wellness This serves to not only positively influence the people around them, but also spur a constant stream of motivation to keep the individual focused on his/her fitness goals. Whether if it's amongst family members, friends or colleagues, the following are some tips that can help propel anyone to become the nucleus of healthy living within a community.

1. Form Interest Groups

No matter how hectic office and home responsibilities can amount to, there will definitely be some free pockets of time to engage in sports and games. Who better to start these activities with than the people with whom you interact on a daily basis? They can be the colleagues who are sitting just a few desks away, family members or even neighbours.

It can be a short jog around the park, badminton, ball games or gym sessions. It is essential, as much as possible, to make it a point to carry out these activities on a regular basis. Furthermore, for starters, the interest group need not be big. Do not be daunted by only two or three participants, press on and as the sessions become recurrent, the crowd will eventually increase.

2. The Healthy Food Hunter

There is no secret formula when it comes to keeping meals clean and healthy, neither do you need to be a certified nutritionist or dietician to whip up a wholesome, home cooked fare. In fact, a hearty meal begins with simply adding more vegetables and fruits on the plate, along with the removal of sugary, deep fried and overly salty food from the diet.

With this simple strategy in mind, the next time you head out for lunch with fellow colleagues, always try to suggest places that serve up healthier menus and dissuade them from opting for meals with little nutritional value. Another way to ensure a nourishing spread during office hours is to consider ordering from healthy food delivery services which offer packed-in meals that are not only nutritionally balanced but also convenient. Additionally, the office pantry is usually a place where employees get their quick between-meal fixes. In order to help the office community snack healthily, encourage the relevant departments to stock vending machines, food cabinets or fridges with low sugar drinks, baked nuts and fruits. 

Even though a substantial amount of our waking hours are being spent at work, home is still where health is. A healthy lifestyle starts with a supportive family, where everyone plays an integral role in championing fitness. You can start by going through the food items in the kitchen and replacing the highly processed foods with healthier alternatives when it is time to restock. The further you stay from junk food, the more distant cravings for it will become. As much as our hectic lifestyle permits, try to prepare home-cooked meals instead of eating out. This way, the amount of sodium, condiments, oil, and choice of ingredients as well as the preparation method can be controlled and made as nutritious as possible.

3. Sharing is Caring

Knowledge is power but sharing that knowledge makes you an even bigger person.  Many of us engage in sports and games as hobbyists or amateurs, but the skills and experiences that are being honed through the years may very well make us experts in our own rights. Uncertainty and lack of guidance are some of the top reasons why many simply refuse to participate in new sporting programs, and these “veterans” can very well be the keys to breaking the ice.  

If you are that particular individual who is proficient in a certain sport, generously share and guide your rookie friends, colleagues or family members so as to heighten their interest levels and keep them engaged in the activity.  You will never know, some of them may turn out to be future team mates or training buddies.       


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