Charting Your Training

What are the steps to create a routine that works? David and Melvin will share more about this in their next session.


Photos Unsplash, David Shum and Melvin Wong

We have concluded our first session of Inside the DM Talk (more here if you're new). We hope you enjoyed it and that it brought you insights on how you can maintain your fitness during this period. After giving some ideas on how to go about exercising and continuing to upkeep your training, David and Melvin would like to share tips on how to chart one's training.

It is possible to exercise when you feel like it or to just run more so you can hit better timings or work towards a milestone. However, what is the way you can plan a suitable program for your current fitness within the confines of the circuit breaker measures and new norms?

After all, by planning a good workout schedule and routine, you can train efficiently and effectively without running the risk of injuring yourself. Additionally, while it is important for you to train, it is also as crucial to give your body time to rest and recover.

21st May, Thursday, 5pm

“Charting your training”

How we can plan out a suitable program for ourselves using the space and equipment we can access currently.

Preview from David and Melvin: 

The 2nd session on charting your training will provide a glimpse of how to determine the intensity levels based on current fitness and environment rather than races (again, because there is no races in sight). The intensity level and the frequency of such sessions will be determined by how much you have done previously and how you are coping with your current training load. Environment will be a key factor as you need to be creative in identifying the right venue, tool and even time of the day to do your training.

The aim for every runner is really to perform at his/her peak when the race is on and underlying understanding is really to work towards such an outcome. David and myself will be thrilled to share on how we can accelerate such a process without compromising on the health and mental well-being of each individual. We hope that every runner continues to enjoy their runs for as long as they can in their best possible physical and mental-being.

Sign up here today. Registrations will remain open until 3pm, 21/05/2020. If you do not receive the sign-up link by then, please contact .

About the speakers:

David is a certified running coach and sports therapist with over 15 years of experience working with running enthusiasts. He is passionate in understanding the uniqueness in every runner and helping all to achieve a healthy and sporting lifestyle. His determination to turn his running experience into information for sharing has led to his most recent work with physically and intellectually challenged athletes in the quest to perform their very best.

Melvin started sports participation when he was 21 years old and went on to represent Singapore as a triathlete and long distance runner in the 5,000m and 10,000m events. He was the fastest Singapore in both events in 2015, qualifying for the 2015 SEA Games. Juggling his day job and his young family, Melvin continues to compete as a sub-elite distance runner in local and international marathons. He looks forward to extend his longevity in the sport and inspiring others.


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