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Compression garments are engineered to prevent quick build-up of lactic acid, while providing sufficienct flexibility for ease of motion.


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Every sports apparel seem to be made of synthetic fabrics these days. But not too long ago, cotton has been the go-to for many brands, because of the material’s breathability and low cost of production. However, cotton absorbs and retains perspiration, and this made it uncomfortable to wear while doing any sport.

This was the case for Kevin Plank when he was special teams captain at the University of Maryland football team. He set out to find materials that would stay light and wick sweat away even in the deadliest of heat to make the ultimate t-shirt.

After building his prototype and conducting countless tests, he finally emerged with a t-shirt made from microfibers that wicked sweat away and kept athletes cool, dry and comfortable. That was the beginning of the company he later founded - Under Armour.

Now, synthetic fabrics have gone beyond just t-shirts. Compression garments, one of the key innovations from the advent of synthetic fabrics, have taken the running world by storm. These garments are engineered to wrap tightly around the muscles to prevent the quick build-up of lactic acid which leads to premature muscle fatigue and hence, a dip in performance; yet provide just enough flexibility for ease of motion.


For this, Under Armour’s offers a comprehensive range of compression garments to suit the taste and preferences for every sportsperson. In particular, those with HeatGear technology promises to keep you cool, light and dry – perfect for Singapore’s humid weather.


Under Armour’s compression garments are made with a four-way stretch fabric that allow greater mobility while still maintaining the shape of the outfit. The signature Moisture Transport System helps wick sweat away from the body, allowing the body to move without any chafing and discomfort. In addition, the garments have anti-odour technology to prevent the growth of odour-causing microbes.


With its flat, seam-lock construction and sleek look, Under Armour’s line of compression garments gives you less drag and more speed, while still giving the proper compression that the body needs in order to perform better and keep you cool at the same time.

Looking to perform better? Check out Under Armour’s HeatGear range of compression garments here.

Looking forward

After you’re well recovered, naturally, you’d look forward to new goals in the following year. Coached’s Ben Pulham gives us some tips on how to start 2017 on a great note.

Q. A lot of runners peak during the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, which typically happens in December. What's a sound strategy to adopt when it comes to restarting a training regimen in the new year, especially after the festive period?

Ben: Planning is key here. At this time of year, you should be sitting down and thinking about your goals for 2017 and what you wish to achieve. Once you know what races you plan to do, you build your training plan around those.

The timing of your most important races will dictate your training blocks but the key is to allow enough time to progressively prepare. Many runners add too many races to their schedule and this compromises their training and ability to properly prepare for the demands of a race.

If you're not sure how best to plan, it's worth consulting a coach to help you maximise your year and your fitness.

Q. Speaking of planning, there are many races throughout the year. If I'm aiming to get a personal best in the marathon in December at the SCMS, how should I go about planning my races?

Ben: Season planning should be a key consideration for all runners looking to improve their running. Many runners enter far too many races and as such find themselves stale or over-trained later in the year.

If your goal is to run well in December, you need to plan your racing and training to support that. That means picking races that are complimentary and can be used as stepping stones and structuring your training so that it is progressive and provides a good balance of periods of load and recovery.

Since 1996, Under Armour has been empowering sportsmen to outperform themselves. Apart from innovative sports gear, Under Armour has also put together competitions and programmes such Test of Will and community runs to help you achieve your athletic best.

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