Cost Effective Running Motivations

The U Run All Access package is packed with value and offer you a better way to race.


Running can be a fun and inexpensive way to stay fit, but if you love the excitement of organised races, it can get costly! Singaporeans have such enthusiasm for running that there is at least one organised event held every weekend, and they are always packed.

If you must join a race, there is always one somewhere for you to sign up. It’s a great way to stay motivated and have a goal to train towards, but with the average 10km run costing S$60 to register and a half marathon costing in the region of S$70, the costs add up if you attend many races in a year.

From our experience, the average leisure runner attends three to four races annually, usually with an emphasis on the larger marquee events like the Sundown Marathon, Income Eco Run and the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

Registration fees for major races tend to be higher, and if you attend three events a year it usually costs more than S$200 for all the race entry fees.

A Better Way to Race

You can opt to pay the full value by signing up for each individual event as it opens, but if you know the value of a good deal there are ways to save on race entry fees. One of the most popular is the annual U Run All Access Package, marketed by U Sports.

From as little as S$159 per year, you get guaranteed free entry to three listed races of your choice in Singapore. You’ll also receive additional perks like T-shirts, exclusive training sessions and insider news on the running scene as well as the chance to widen your social circle with like-minded people by being a part of U Sports’ Running Interest Group. Other perks include attractive lucky draw prizes.

Besides the completely hassle-free race registrations, U Run All Access is a good way to help you stay motivated throughout the year. When you’re already signed up, at great discounted rates, there’s no excuse to miss the race!

Packed with Value


NTUC and nEbO members can score guaranteed entries to three listed races of their choice for an annual fee of just S$159.

Non-members will also enjoy a special rate of S$189 for U Run All Access. If you are not already a member however, the nEbO Max membership is now free with every U Run All Access sign up!

Almost all the popular races in Singapore are represented in U Run All Access, including the Marina Run, 2XU Compression Run, the Sundown Marathon, Forest Force 50, and the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, with more to be included throughout the year.

U Run All Access holders get guaranteed race slots. This means that even if a category is fully booked by the general public, you’ll still get your choice pick of races to attend.

Convinced? Sign up for U Run All Access and pick your own annual race motivation package here:

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