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Words Champa Ha

I’m not the best when it comes to Bluetooth earphones. I like my music loud and of decent quality, and when I work out, I want that background soundtrack to drown out most outside interference, preferably so that I can get in the zone faster when I’m in exercise mode. Not many Bluetooth Earphones can meet up to that challenge.

So when reviewing the Creative Outlier Sports wireless Bluetooth earphones, I met the challenge with trepidation.

The Creative Outlier Sports claims to offer up to 11 hours of use when fully charged, and offers the wearer full comfort when working out, available in three colours.

At a lightweight 15g, the wireless earphones are not hard to wear, what with its earbuds that come in 3 different sizes that you can swap out, as well as ultra- secure silicone secure tips that accommodates to the ear’s own grooves.

I used the earbuds to work in front of my computer,  or when possible, I took the opportunity to move around. The earphones stayed in my ears when I used them to practice dancing, and did not fall out no matter how I flailed around.

If I had a criticism about the earbuds, I would say that the earbuds tend to be a little too tight around my ears after a while, which did not bother me at the beginning but did make me feel a little bit sealed off from the world after a few hours of wear. However, this would fit with the average amount of workout time per session anyway so it’s not really a major issue.


What contributed to the feeling of slight discomfort and being isolated from my surroundings was the fact that the earphones did block out any outside sound, which is great if you’re doing indoor work or want the isolation on a bus ride, but would not hold up if you’re running outside and need to be aware of your surroundings.

I would also add that the earphones did hold up to their long-hour use. I had used them for a good four hours on the first day, forgot to charge them, but still managed to get a decent five or more hours on the second day.

The housing of the earphones is encased in sweat-proof and water-resistant silicone, which makes sense, given that the earphones have been certified with a IPX4 rating. It held up when I put them to the test, having accidentally upended my water bottle in my bag and the liquid had spilled everywhere. After wiping the earphones clean, I put them on again and the sound still worked fine, which was a relief.

Typical of every new wireless pair of earphones, the Creative Outlier Sports features a three button control, to switch up the volume when needed, as well as a middle button to switch on the device, all fairly easy to use for the beginner who hasn’t used them before. This particular pair of earphones uses 6mm Neodymium drivers, which delivered a decent amount of clarity, but not necessarily at the level an audiophile would desire.

I found that the sound worked best when it was playing audiobooks and dialogue, but it held up pretty well playing punchy, blood-pumping music. The sound itself would do well for those who want to forget the world and lose themselves in the zone.

Overall, the Creative Outlier Sports Wireless Bluetooth earphones is a decent pair of earphones for the price, delivering a higher quality of sound while also long-wearing and endurable. It should be best used for exercise done indoors but would also work for running outside, provided you make sure the sound is low enough to hear the outside world.

The Creative Outlier Sports is priced at $129, and available in selected outlets for Best Denki, Popular, Gain City and authorized retailers in Sim Lim.


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