Feel the Rhythm of the 80s in MUSportIC 2020

Get your groove on with a virtual run that has a fresh and new concept.


Photos MUSportIC 2020

2020 has been the year of virtual runs with many key races going virtual but also new runs being innovated to combat the void of actual marathons and mass scale events. Virtual runs come in all forms with interesting concepts and quirky elements. MUSportIC 2020 is a run that plans to go beyond your usual virtual run.

Many athletes train with music and some would concur music gives them that extra oomph to perform well in their sport disciplines. A blend of ‘Music’ and ‘Sport’, MUSportIC virual run aims to pep up our sports loving participants with TOP TEN retro songs of the swinging 80s through a voting contest when the late Michael Jackson was hailed 'The King of Pop' and Madonna, the 'Queen'.

In this first of its kind virtual event, you’ll start your run regime with a playlist of songs from wherever you are & whenever you are ready.  The entire 10-song duration should last 30 to 40 mins.  You can choose to do multiple rounds by replaying the playlist.

How do you join in the fun?

Step 0: Sign up for MUSportIC 2020 by 4th December 2020

Step 1: Go to Spotify to sign up for free or premium service and download the Playlist of the ten songs to commence your run OR

Download the 10 songs in the playlist on your preferred mobile music application and play it to commence your run

Step 2: During the qualifying period (from 5 Dec 2020 @ 12:00 am to 6 Dec 2020 before 11:59 pm), start the Playlist to start your run or simply complete 5km with your running apps.

Step 3: Your run will be deemed complete once all the 10 songs in your playlist has stopped or you have completed your 5km run.    

Step 4: You can choose to run anywhere you like but stay safe is key. Once run is done, simply upload a picture of yourself or a screenshot from your run app, which ever option you prefer

Sweet Treat with Shapetime™

MUSportIC 2020 has partnered up with Shapetime™ to ensure you get a sweet treat to combat the Singapore heat. A cool fruity sorbet treat especially on a warm day is always a welcome respite or even an after meal dessert.

Low calories, 0% fat, vegan cool confection made with an all-natural list of ingredients, Shapetime™ is a wholesome purees of fresh fruits that comes in three enticing flavours- kiwi, raspberry, and mango.

​Available exclusively at Cold Storage Singapore, the first 2,000 who sign up for MUSportIC virtual music run will get one free 0% Fat Shapetime™ frozen dessert which can be redeemed at selected Cold Storge outlets.

More information and sign up here.


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