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Cancer is the disease that can be absolute murder. In Singapore, around 37 people are diagnosed with some form of cancer every year, and everyone is urged to do checks frequently to screen for cancer.

We are still unable to find a cure for cancer but that doesn’t mean we are stopping the research. Every single bit of funding has been generously given by many. And in the Singapore Cancer Society, their aims range from raising funds for cancer treatment subsidies and welfare assistance, to helping fund hospice care, cancer rehabilitation and public education.

How can they do it? One of their initiatives is through Race Against Cancer. The race is a collaboration with Singtel to reach the above aims and help drive existing programmes and services of the Singapore Cancer Society. These include the SCS Cancer Care Fund, the SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Center, the SCS Cancer Treatment Fund, the SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme and the SCS Welfare Aid.

This means that joining this race would be an opportunity to show your support to fight cancer. The Race Against Cancer is the ninth edition of this race and invites people everywhere to join. This is important because nearly everybody knows someone or is someone who is fighting against cancer.

Three categories are touted for this race, the 5km, the 10km and the 15km. These distances can be easily completed needing to train for a half marathon or full marathon. The run will be held in East Coast Park on the Angsana Green on the 30th of July.

Readers are encouraged to help in many ways, through signing up for the run, acting as a volunteer, or through donations on the site.Participant’s can also purchase products on the website’s Marketplace which you can collect during the Racepack Collection as well, including these crocheted cancer ribbon magnets in the colours of the different types of cancer, here.

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