Finishing That Bucket List


Typical comedy plots use bucket lists as a plot point for characters, in order to develop and dissect the struggles of the person and explored the unfulfilled potential that characters did not choose to do. In most cases, they then take on every single aspect of that bucket list.

One of the more popular items on the list is finishing a marathon. But what happens if you finish everything off the bucket list? Is there another way to fulfil that desire to challenge yourself?

There is if you have never considered the 2XU Ultramarathon.


Reputed to be Singapore’s best ultramarathon, the event has attracted people from all over, just based on the challenge distance alone. How often does one get to try a race that could range from the normal race distances of 5km – 42.125km, to distances even further than that, like the 50km and even a 100km route?
On Saturday, runners took that challenge. With a bunch of runners ranging from young upstarts to mature masters, runners took to the route like much aplomb. Some started running all the way from Punggol Waterway to hit the 100km mark. While rain had already poured down in most areas of Singapore, by sunrise only a slight drizzle remained and runners took that as motivation to start running.


It may have been a very long distance for some, but it wasn’t all bad. This yeah, BBQ was served at certain checkpoints for the 100km distance runners and some took the opportunity to eat while resting during pit stops, drinking coffee and tea.

Overall, the entire event was pulled off rather well, with some who had expressed worry about how the event was going to work because of the number of categories and routes later coming back after the run to say that they had no hang-ups about any part of the race whatsoever. While the race was considered rather low-maintenance despite the scope of it being Singapore’s main ultramarathon event, it was run very well. Runners took the opportunity to bond with friends, enjoy a free massage courtesy of RUN Singapore, and picked up their trophies before going home.

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