Fitbit Charge 2

A user-friendly and wardrobe-friending watch for everyday use


Words Fiona Lee

For many fitness enthusiasts, the Fitbit range of activity trackers occupy the middle ground of usability. They’re pretty, user-friendly, but not overly detailed. The new Fitbit Charge 2 does little to change this perception, and rather than viewed as completely new, can best be seen as a significant evolution from the original Fitbit Charge.

A larger screen, rest tracking mode and a more detailed sleep tracker are added to the standard heart rate, steps, distance and calorie counters. The ability to upload your charted data and compare with others online adds an element of competition.

The Charge 2 has a unique new function, called guided breathing exercise and working off your heart rate, it’s claimed to help control stress and for relaxation. You breathe following the pulse of an animated circle that’s tagged to your current heart rate, though how well it works is still open to discussion. The two minute sessions seemed to pass to quickly when we try to follow the pattern on the screen though.

If you’re coming up to the Charge 2 from a simpler device, there is a learning curve to overcome as it is not as simple as the basic Fitbit models. The Run mode tracks distance, heart rate and time and works in tandem with GPS, so is very accurate. However, the GPS connection is still slower than expected.

It’s a good device for amateur runners who do not want to spent a hefty sum on a performance watch. It’s also fairly simple to use and sync with the Fitbit phone app.

The watch straps are interchangeable and can be found in black, plum, blue and teal. Similar to the Fitbit Alta, the Charge 2 also has the option of premium leather accessory bands in brown, blush pink and indigo.

It’s still not a smartwatch, though. It cannot reply to phone messages and has no touch screen functionality. It’s also not waterproof, but is splash resistant.

Even with moderately heavy use, we got about four days of battery life out of it, which is on par with much of the current Fitbit range.

The watch is good for a wide range of runners and if I were to suggest any improvements for future models, I would include a touch screen menu and a shutdown button, for easier accessibility as well as energy conservation. The watch is relatively easy to use once you understand the different functions and is sleek enough to add to your everyday wardrobe.


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