Fitbit Ionic adidas Edition

Fitbit has collaborated with adidas for a special edition of the Ionic fitness and activity tracker.


Just like how the Apple Watch has the Nike edition, Fitbit has collaborated with adidas for a special edition of the Ionic fitness and activity tracker.

While the smartwatch/fitness tracker hype has calmed down from over the last couple of years, it has not stopped Fitbit from continually innovating, ensuring convenience and fitness training guides available at your wrist. Essentially, the Fitbit Ionic adidas is a standard Ionic with an additional adidas training app and clock face.

The adidas train app features unique workouts with step-by-step coaching designed to make you a more dynamic runner. Each workout component has a routine in place designed to elevate your running experience from your warm up to your post-workout stretch.

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Users are accompanied by a virtual personal trainer to help them maximise their running performance. The best part is, it works without needing to be paired to your smartphone.

Competitiveness is in the DNA of most runners. Writing as a runner myself, we are constantly trying to outdo and best our previous race and training time. This could only be possible if we have the right mentality, form, diet and in this case, the training regime. With the help of the adidas Train app, users are somehow “forced” to get accustomed with a certain workout or meet a certain benchmark to be able to perform at the highest level. It is beneficial for those who are working or training for the next marathon to be fully fit and prepared.

Some features like the “Dynamic Warm-Up” increase your core temperature and gets you ready for a run. The “Power Pace” trains the body to be more flexible, energetic and efficient. “Metabolic” which uses interval training to boost speed and metabolism.

In terms of user and functionality experience, the Train app serves as a bonus feature of the adidas Edition. The adidas custom clock face gives the watch a rather exclusive look.

ionic adidas 03

However, this is the only major difference it has over the regular Fitbit Ionic, which already features a heart rate monitor, activity tracker, and a whole bunch of useful stuff like a music player and eWallet.

The idea might not entice some users who would argue that the “unique workout” could be done even without the adidas Train app.

On the flip side though, the adidas branding on the Train app is sort of a seal of quality on the guided routines that the watch can take you through. The device is also easy to navigate with a touch screen swipe, and battery life is acceptable, lasting about four days before needing a recharge.


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