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Decathlon big pick on must-haves for the training season.


Lacing up for the next triathlon or marathon and in search of some new training gear? 

You might want to check out the brand-new Decathlon KIPRUN equipment that recently hit the shelves. Not only do they look good, but rumour has it there’s plenty of free speed packed in as well.

KIPRUN is the French sports retailer’s core running brand – and while it isn’t a new name – this season’s product launch looks set to take the global running scene by storm, with exciting additions to its performance range. This refreshing change is driven by the Decathlon footwear industrial division that has committed countless hours into research and development to design the next generation of shoes based off feedback from hundreds of runners and engineers, all while staying true to their vision of making performance sports equipment available to the masses. 

We got a chance to try out some of the latest products and here are our top THREE draft picks:

Performance Trainer: Kiprun KS900

Enter the Kiprun KS900. Decathlon’s top-of-the-range road shoe designed to offer premium shock absorption, stability and comfort for dedicated runners looking for a lightweight trainer that can keep up with the mileage. 

The shock absorption for the Kiprun KS900 is guaranteed for 1,000 KM – a claim only possible with a unique midsole unit made from MFOAM - a new material constructed from a thick, ultrasoft honeycombed EVA foam. To optimize the microstructure of the foam and understand how it responds - more than 70 laboratory tests were completed in parallel with user trials during the duration of the project that saw countless cycles of prototyping and iteration. 

A point worth mentioning is the development of a special rubber outsole that is glued onto the impact areas across the forefoot and heel. This provided excellent balance between the durability of the sole and the grip it offers when we took it out in wet conditions or unforgiving terrain. A highly versatile shoe, the Kiprun KS900 certainly paves the way towards Decathlon’s vision of an unbreakable running shoe that runs forever. 

KS900 retails at $120.

Performance Racer: Kiprun KD800

Decathlon’s design teams have developed an ultra-lightweight and fast running shoe for runners of all abilities that doesn’t break the bank - specifically geared towards race outings and days where the goal is to run fast and challenge your limits. Whether you’re gunning for a personal best in the 5KM or half-marathon, this is your go to weapon!

Put through rigorous testing over thousands of kilometres under real-life race conditions ranging from shorter road races up to full marathons by the Kiprun team, the KD800 is a robust product birthed from the fusion of lightweight components and new technology such as the unique Pebax® up’bar technology that enhances energy return and supports the runner with observable rebound over each stride thanks to the denser EVA foam at the front.

The work that Decathlon has put into its research is evidently showing in their product iterations. With new software that allows the team to achieve parametric textures and patterns that allow the foam design to be refined to a very specific volume, the KD800 foam features texture and geometry that does not compromise grip and traction even with its lightweight construction.   

KD800 retails at $110. 

Kiprun GPS500 by COROS

The icing on the cake would be the Kiprun GPS500 – a product born from Decathlon’s latest collaboration with COROS to develop a multisport GPS watch that measures running, swimming, cycling and triathlon movement. With a super competitive price to performance ratio given the variety of training options and customization the watch offers; this new product is fast making a statement for itself.

Featuring a robust 25 hr battery life in GPS mode and 30 days in watch mode, the watch is also compatible with Bluetooth smart heart rate monitor belts and sensors. It can be fully integrated with the COROS application and synchronised with STRAVA to ensure key training session parameters (time, distance, pace, cadence, V02MAX, training load, heart rate etc.) are all logged and transferred seamlessly, making it a great watch for the new or seasoned multisport athlete looking for a trusty device to accompany them on their fitness journey. 

With such a refreshing new performance line-up, the future certainly looks bright for Decathlon!

Kiprun GPS500 retails at $200.

Shop online now for these picks at, or on the Decathlon App, with free delivery over $60!


Sports Together, Decathlon Together. Kiprun - Born out of a shoe, born out of a marathon. In today's world and in the future, we commit to making our dream come true: with KIPRUN, you will KEEP ON RUNNING.



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