Good Things Come In Small Packages

Subscription boxes are an easy concept: pay a certain amount a month and a box of things will mysteriously appear on your doorstep.


Words Champa Ha

If you are like me and listen to lots of podcasts and online content, you would have heard of subscription boxes.

Subscription boxes are an easy concept: pay a certain amount a month, and a box of things will mysteriously appear on your doorstep, filled with goodies that may be surrounded around a particular theme.

Subscription boxes are all the rage in places like the United States, but Singapore is gaining a foothold on that aspect as well. Booksactually and HungryFresh are companies that deal with the subscription box methods, where they pick out unique, fresh items to send to their subscriber list.


So when you hear about a variety of snack boxes, delivered right on your doorstep every month, that are not only healthier snack options, but also made with the local Singaporean taste buds in mind, you jump on the opportunity to try their items.

boxgreen is a local snack company that provides the customer with snacks you can stock up in your pantry. Choosing snacks you would love, you can get the items sent to your door and theoretically never go hungry again.

We were sent a few themed boxes, as featured on the boxgreen website and I decided to go with reviewing the Fibre box, where the snacks are meant for the persistent snacker who likes a little fibre.

The presentation


The subscription boxes come in a clean green small cardboard box, where the snacks were carefully wrapped with brown paper and their adorable squirrel mascot on the sticker logo.

In the themed boxes you can expect to receive 12 packets of snacks. With four different flavours, each packet is meant to be a suggested serving size, and boxgreen offers three packets of each flavour.

For the Fibre box, I received the following snacks to sample and try: Macritchie Midnight; Banana Pecan Crumble, Kacang Power, and Quirky Quinoa Puff ‘n’ Friends .

I tried it on separate days, making sure to only try them when I was peckish but not looking for a full meal.

The Verdict


Out of the four flavours, I would have to say that MacRitchie Midnight is my favourite. On the website, they explain that the snack is their version of what a natural version of a Blackforest Rocky Road Nutella thingamajig would taste like, and made with pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, whole hazelnuts, and dark chocolate nibs.

While their suggestion is that the snack is, “Best eaten for an energy boost while stranded in the dark depths of MacRitchie at midnight “, I am happy to report that I ate these at my desk in the middle of a dreary Monday afternoon and suffered no ill effects whatsoever.

However, Kacang Power is a close second, and it’s meant to be a healthier substitute and/or tribute to the Kachang Putih man of old. Made with Honey Sunflower Seeds, Edamame, Brown Sugar Broad Beans, the snack can be used as an ideal movie snack when you are at home waiting to watch the newest episode of Game of Thrones.

I did enjoy the Banana Pecan Crumble and Quirky Quinoa Puff ‘n’ Friends and have shared all of them with colleagues to see if they enjoyed them. To my surprise, they did, which goes to show how popular these products are with an office always a little peckish for snacks.

My suggestion? You’ll always feel peckish, so you should go on the site and have a look at the variety of snacks they have on boxgreen. No matter the taste, there is always a healthier substitute you can find on boxgreen.


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