Is your running form, on form?

Runity aims to be a one-stop running assessment programme for runners who want to improve their form efficiency and run painlessly.


Were you one of the many people that completed your first marathon or half-marathon at the 2017 Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore? Now that you’ve got that under your belt, you may have come to a realisation that there are almost as many different running styles as there are runners out there.

The fact is, some gait patterns are more efficient than others. You may not even be aware of the fact that muscle asymmetry and imbalance contribute to a difference in the way your left and right legs move.

The basic assessment that some specialist running shoe shops offer on a treadmill is just the tip of the iceberg, and are primarily designed to help you choose a suitable pair of shoes for your current style.

Running appears to be a simple, repetitive movement. However, there are many processes in each stride that can be adjusted to make the process more efficient,

What if we took this process the whole way and used it to tune your form, ultimately making you a more efficient runner with less propensity for injury?

The new Runity program offered at Focus Pilates is a full assessment for runners of all levels that wish to fully understand how to run more efficiently.

Based on their experience in Pilates and core muscle strengthening programs for a wide variety of elite sports and physical rehabilitation exercises, Runity is designed to check for imbalances in your form and stride, and also assess your overall muscular condition. Weaknesses and inefficiencies can then be corrected and tuned out systematically with prescribed conditioning exercises and drills.


The goal of the program is to help you develop a more efficient running form so that you can train more efficiently by running more economically, and with fewer injuries.

Movement screening assessments and video gait analysis form the backbone of the Runity program, and from there a dedicated Runity trainer will home in on problem areas that can be refined.

The Run Singapore HQ used to think that we had enough experience with coaches to make the most of our pace, but Daniel, a Runity Master Trainer, found plenty of room for improvement. The range of limb movement was a very enlightening test procedure, and the actual gait assessment was equally eye-opening.

To work on the range of movement, corrective conditioning exercises and cadence drills are prescribed. Many of the drills are much more detailed versions of the exercises that we often do as runners, but there were also a bunch that are quite unique and tailored to individual requirements. The Runity program helps fine-tune your body’s strength and mobility, restoring its natural ability to run the way it is meant to.

Users will get a full top to toe report on your running form, and will also have access to the online component of Runity, where you can ask questions even without being in the Studio.

We’re going through the whole program and will reveal more in the next part of our Runity feature, but if you’re suitably intrigued, find out more about the Runity program at


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