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The importance of glucosamine and where to find them.


Older runners and recreation athletes know the signs of it too well. With additional mileage, that feeling of pain in your knee joints that slowly creeps in with each successive training session until it feels like a painful chore to run.

The cause of these discomforts is often said to be caused by the deterioration of cartilage as we age. The rubbery tissue that works as cushions between your joints are not something that we think about or can actively train, but are vital to allowing you to keep running long distances.

The health of your cartilage relies on glucosamine, and as you age, the levels of this compound in your body begin to drop, leading to a gradual breakdown of cartilage. The trouble is, your body cannot automatically generate this compound, and elsewhere in nature, glucosamine is only found in the shells of shellfish.

This is where a supplement like the Ocean Health Vegetarian Glucosamine Sulphate 750+ comes into play, as there is evidence that glucosamine sulfate supplements when taken regularly, can help counteract the deterioration of cartilage.

58-year-old Robin Yeo is a regular badminton player, and he noted, “My knee joints would often hurt and produce a cracking sound whenever I played badminton, which was a hindrance to my game. After consuming Vegetarian Glucosamine 750+ for about five months, the pain and noise have actually gone away so I feel that it works and allows me to maintain my fitness regime.”

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Team Singapore pole vaulter, 36-year-old Rachel Yang also shared, “I had a meniscus surgery on my left knee in 2004 and was diagnosed with a deteriorating meniscus in the same knee a couple of years later. Over the years, I have been dealing with chronic knee pain. Last year, I started taking Ocean Health’s Glucosamine 750+. After a few months of consistent use, the knee pain was gone and the knee felt more mobile as well. It has definitely helped in meeting the demands of my heavy training and competition schedule in keeping my joints healthy.”

Ocean Health’s Vegetarian Glucosamine 750+ contains a powerful combination of curcumin, MSM, zinc and calcium for effective joint support. Formulated with strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it is formulated to minimise joint aches and stiffness while helping to regenerate and repair the connective tissue in cartilage.

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