Keep Up with the RUNners: Jen Chai

Meet the friendly runner who inspires many people around her with optimism!


Keep up with the RUNners is a series that features runners from all walks of life. Meet Jen who has been very active all these while as she loves the outdoors and adventures!

About Jen Chai

Age: 39
Occupation: Marine Mammal Specialist

After putting in 16 good years in the banking industry, Jen Chai decides to pursue a career that holds close to her heart and passion, working with dolphins!

Her love for running got pretty serious from the fall of last year when she met up with many runners whom she has connected with on Instagram! Sharing of the same interests and goals and receiving positive encouragements from new found runner friends gave her motivation to run faster and longer.

What does your strength workout routine at the gym looks like?

I attend Strength classes at the gym that I go to regularly. At Strength classes I learn to lift heavy (within my own threshold) with a structured set repetition. A coach will be around to correct our form to ensure we do it right and not injure ourselves. Besides Strength class, there's also Power and Cardio classes which helps in increasing my metabolic rate and develop the power for speed as well as agility for my running.

How do you balance running, strength training and working among other things?

I am on shift work, which gives me two days off in a week. On days where my morning is free, I often incorporate a long run (at least 21km and above) and/or a track interval. On other days where I'm free in the evenings, I will hit the gym, go for social runs, meet up with friends or even do nothing! Just rest.

What are your favourite gears for running?

A must-have when I run alone would be my Aftershokz earphones!
As for footwear, it has got to be my shoes from Altra, especially loving Vanish Carbon. I would pair it with my running socks from Gococo and Decathlon! I love the tops and bottoms from Rabbit Running! Lastly, my favourite sports bra would be from Nike.

Have you been injured before? How did you overcome it?

Definitely, yes. The most painful and recent one was a shin splint on my left leg. Full recovery took almost 2 months and I had to stop running completely. To maintain my cardio fitness, I opted in for lower impact sports like swimming and cycling. To ensure there is no re-occurrences, I now learn to rest adequately after each run.

What are your favourite pre-race and post-race meals?

Pre-race will be pasta in any style except cream based and seafood. A piece of Medium Rare steak for post-race will be nice!


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