Keeping it light and flexible with the UA HOVR Sonic 3

HOVR Sonic 3 will provide you with both comfort and flexibility. Above that, it will give you the data to enhance your performance.


When you first put the Under Armour (UA) HOVR Sonic 3 on, you will realise how soft and comfortable it is.The HOVR Sonic 3 has more cushioning than before, making it an instant favourite with distance runners who want the comfort but at the same time, want more flexibility.

With a relatively standard 8mm drop, this neutral medium-cushioned trainer is good for middle distances like 10 to 15km. It has a breathable and lightweight upper that dries fast and also a removable sockliner that moulds to the foot for more customised comfort.

Now you can run and train effectively with the HOVR Sonic 3 as it offers unparalleled support with UA’s MapMyRun app.  With an embedded sensor chip in the HOVR shoes, now it has the ability to collect data and give you an in-dept analysis on training or performance information via the app.

There is also real-time Form Coaching with MapMyRun. With the current social distancing measures, having someone talking to you as you run might just make you feel less lonely!

Whether you just want to track steps, train for your first 5km or improve on your half-marathon, this app will proof useful. Just one tap on the app and it will start tracking your run with its GPS technology, giving you the distance, pace, calories burned and elevation.

MapMyRun app has the ability to track your performance with graphs and charts that will show you stride length trendline, cadence average, target range, cadence trendline and progress chart. The platform allows you to compare past runs on the same route to see how you have improved or where you essentially need more work.

There is also a community aspect to the app too. The Community Feed function gives you an insight into the routes people in your neighbourhood are running. A perfect opportunity for you to make friends and get running buddies!

For the more adventurous runners, connect to the route explorer function where it shows you new places you can explore.  For example, you can choose a specific distance or a route that avoids highways and it will map out one for you.

MapMyRun is able to sync with third parties such as your Garmin, Polar, Suunto smartwatches and even the MyFitnessPal app so you can send the calories from your run straight into it.

Then there is the MVP premium version of MapMyRun. Every pair of HOVR connected shoes comes with a complimentary premium upgrade of MapMyRun.

With the premium version, you can get custom fitness plans based on your goals. MapMyRun will create a training plan based on your current level of activity and the goal you are working toward. This plan gets adjusted week-to-week depending on your tracked progress.

If you have a heart rate monitor, you can connect it and MapMyRun will be able to plan your training programme better with customisable heart rate zones.

You also get live tracking so your friends and family can have peace of mind when you’re out running alone at night for example.

The coolest thing about this is the real-time Form Coaching. This is like having a coach running with you, as you get real-time audio feedback as you run. In addition, with data such as your stride length, cadence, foot strike angle and ground contact time, you will get a post-run analysis with deeper insights and suggestions.

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