Kenneth Lee’s Dragon Spirit

Kenneth Lee, Captain of the DBS Asia Dragons, shares his fitness regime.


Nothing keeps Kenneth Lee down. The captain of the DBS Asia Dragons dragon boat team loves the active life and maintains a steady gym routine, along will lunchtime running sessions from his office at Marina Bay to the surrounding areas.

The 31-year-old works in the corporate development sector of DBS Bank, and tells us that his first love with sport came from swimming. With no prior background in dragon boat racing, he took up a colleague’s offer to try training with the company’s team and quickly became enamoured with the teamwork, discipline, and camaraderie.

Over the weekend, Kenneth will be leading the DBS Dragons at the DBS Marina Regatta at the Marina Bay once again, but in the lead up for this event, the team has been training for months. “The intensity of the dragon boat racing is such that you give it everything you’ve got as a tea, and then in a very short time it’s all decided,” says Kenneth. “It’s more than just your personal fitness, but also about teamwork, which is so relevant in everyday life as well.”

He reveals that he has suffered two ACL tears, one on each leg, over the last ten years, but with proper rehabilitation he still manages to train with regular intensity.

While the DBS dragon boat team trains together on the weekend mornings, there is an expectation for the team members to maintain a level of base fitness on their own, which is not a problem for Kenneth because he simply revels in physical activity.

“Time is always an issue with my busy work schedule, so the only time I have to myself is in the early morning before the working day begins. It’s a good thing that there is a gym near the office, and I get in early for my functional fitness training before the day begins. Then a few times a week, I go for a run out to the seafront around the Marina Barrage and back during the lunch hour. It’s hot, but I think I’m used to the weather anyway and it really recharges me for the rest of the day,” he adds.

In between, Kenneth also volunteers with the DB Hearts, a ground-up initiative that was conceived by a group of dragon boat veterans to introduce more people from all walks of life to the sport of dragon boating as a fitness and leisure activity, from which they can form meaningful community bonds.

This year, the DBS Marina Regatta is taking place from 31st May to 2nd June, and is themed ‘The Race Against Time’. The event aims to educate and inspire Singaporeans from all walks of life to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, and entry to the carnival grounds at the Marina Bay Promontory is free.

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