Uplifting the community’s spirit for some family bonding time with King Of The Mountain.


If you are feeling disheartened in this pandemic situation, don’t be. Totality 360 got your back! Their upcoming King Of The Mountain virtual race aims to spur everyone’s spirits by encouraging you to get active and find some family bonding time during this tough period.

King Of The Mountain is a 4-part Series, each held over a period of 9 days with a 5-day break in between each series. This event stretches from 13 November 2021 to 2 January 2022. For each series, you will attempt to run in 4 different venues such as Fort Canning Park (1st Series), MacRitchie Reservoir (2nd Series), Mount Faber (3rd Series) and Bukit Timah Hill (4th Series). These run venues provides an adventure race environment which challenges your physiological attributes.

Participants are encourage to use Strava App or any fitness App that is capable of giving the required data for submission of your results. Screenshot(s) for each Series must show Username, Date and Time of run, Map of Route, Distance, Time Taken, Elevation and Elapsed Time. Start and end your run as per your designated race route to achieve close to specified distance and elevation.

Worried you might not be able to take on all 4 races? Simply gather your friends to form a team of 4 or register for any of the run Series and earn yourself a Finisher Medal with the completion of each Series!

Format of run

There are 3 categories for the 4 races - Individual Male, Individual Female and Team of 4.

Sign up for 1st Series @ Fort Canning Park [3.2Km], 2nd Series @ Macritchie Reservoir [10.4Km], 3rd Series @ Mount Faber [5.6Km] or the 4th Series @ Bukit Timah Hill [1.7Km]. Each Series will be held on different dates.

Sign up quickly as the early bird promotion will end on 30th September!

Terms & Conditions apply.

Registration and more information, please visit


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