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During this circuit breaker, there are online programs readily available for adults, kids and the elderly, as well as AEP Grants.


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We are only in the second quarter of the year yet we have been inundated with new vocabulary and abbreviations comprising social distancing, circuit breaker, EOs, SHN, LOA, HBL and WFH. In short, given the current pandemic situation we are in, we have to stay at home and only go out for essentials.

The reality literally “hits home” because everyone’s home condition is unique. Some may have the luxury of living in a big house with space and privacy for each house dweller, while some may include multi generations living under the same roof in a small apartment. Yet others may be living alone and feeling isolated. It becomes easy for negative feelings to creep into our minds and affect our mental health. To maintain positivity, studies have shown that we would need to keep ourselves active and have proper nutrition.

Fortunately, SportSG and Health Promotion Board are conscious of the impact of persons staying at home for a long period of time and quickly introduced programs of health and wellbeing suitable for the whole family. While we may be active as individuals, our family members may not be as enthusiastic as us. However, let us take this circuit breaker period to bond with people that are closest and dearest to us.

Let’s get started.

ActiveSG Circle

The ActiveSG Circle is a new initiative started during this circuit breaker period by SportSG with the intention of bringing everyone on a personalized health and wellness journey on a single platform.

It is an excellent resource that includes lots of YouTube videos to get everyone - from kids to the elderly - away from that couch and up and about to burn some calories. From general fitness and wellness moves to specific sports skills, there is something for everyone.

If watching something “live” is your thing, then you may check out GetActive TV Live with a programming schedule. You can also join virtual classes and interact with SportSG coaches in real time! At this point of writing, there are still many “coming soon” tabs covering the different themes of health and wellness, 14-Day Yoga and other fun stuff; so we can expect more content on ActiveSG Circle.

Still unsure if you able to make a health commitment journey? No worries, let’s take baby steps with the daily 60-second challenge.

Active Enabler Programme

The Active Enabler Programme (AEP) is an annual initiative under GetActive! Singapore, a week-long celebration of National Day through sport launched in 2016. Typically, the programmes rolled out in previous years included on-the-ground events.

With the current COVID-19 advisories on staying at home and social distancing in place, the AEP has now been tweaked under the theme of “GetActive!@Home”. Grants under this AEP are open until 8 May to invite Singaporeans to create innovative home-based activities and programmes to stay active and united as part of its annual GetActive! Singapore campaign.

Selected proposals may receive up to 100% funding support. You may find more details of this grant on AEP GetActive!@Home. So, now is the time to put on your creative hats and do something fun and healthy.

The circuit breaker has been extended to the 1st of June. Some of us may not adapt well to working from home, some find it a welcome relief, yet others may be anxious to be at home doing nothing. Regardless, we know that our mental wellbeing is a function of our physical fitness. With health programmes now readily made available to us, let’s keep our chins up and stay #SGUnited during this #circuitbreaker.


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