Live While We’re Young

The PUMA Night Run was a star studded event with many local celebrities gracing the night.


The PUMA Night Run celebrates the running of its fourth edition this year, and the event was relatively smooth sailing for those who went all out to have the celebrity experience.


Held once again at the Seletar Aerospace Park, the race returned to the location as many people had given feedback that the area was rather new and fresh as a race route. With shuttle buses, paid bus services, and clear directions on how to get there, the Seletar Aerospace Park is now the new spot for people to host runs and erase themselves from the trappings of civilization, as they were now in a whole new area not often accessed by many.

This meant there was more of a partying feeling to the event atmosphere. Many took the opportunity to enjoy themselves and not take the event too seriously.

The booths were filled with lifestyle brands such as bubble tea franchise LiHo and Korean restaurant DoSiRak, perfect for those who were looking for a more unconventional range of food and services in race villages.

It was also a star-studded event attended by local Mediacorp artistes and celebrities. The whole event felt even more established with the deployment of a  VIP holding area, for local celebrities to walk in, hang out, and interact with their fans. Again, since the run was more focused on the sporting lifestyle rather than too pure competitive running, the entire event was more relaxed and less tense. A concert area was arranged for the later afterparty, for runners who wanted to stay back and party the night away with the help of DJs, stars, and local celebrities.

There was still room for improvement though, as some participants did accidentally get lost and arrive at the race site a little later than normal, which may have been made worse due to a small situation happening at the luggage deposit area, making runners late to arrive for their flag off.

Another thing that happened during the event was a short electrical trip that affected a few booths, leaving them unable to work while dark and runners were coming back, lasting for maybe around 15 minutes.  It’s definitely something to look into, especially when you consider that stuff like this affects the opinions and enjoyment of all the runners participating, as well as the businesses that were working there that day.


While the race route was a rather straightforward, many did comment that having to do loops for their run distance was a little boring and that it would be good for organisers to consider making up the route without having to repeat routes.

In the end, though, most runners did take the entire situation in stride and enjoyed their run. The crowd was hyped for all the acts involved after the run, and it was great to hang out in a whole new world where not many would choose to go willingly. The night was young, so were most of the participants, and the event pulsated with excitement.


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