Maju Lah! Virtual Run 2020

Put yourself to the test and either go for distance or consistency this National Day.


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Singapore is celebrating its 55th year of independence this year. In light of this, Run Crew devised a virtual run with enough challenge to pay homage to 55 years of Singapore, especially in face of the current pandemic. Working together with the President Star Challenge, home-grown sports apparel brand Purpose and more, the Maju Lah! Virtual Run 2020 will be a way to support local, as well as a run to push your boundaries like Singapore has. 

Maju Lah! Virtual Run 2020 will take place over the span of 55 days from 15th June to 8th August and will test you physically and mentally. The winners will be announced on 9th August. There are two categories for this race, The Resilience Challenge and The Solidarity Challenge. 

Registration costs S$55 per person and all participants will receive a ‘Digital Welcome Pack’ containing e-vouchers to attractive privileges to dining and lifestyle products, as well as commemorative pins and finisher’s t-shirts for participants completing 55 days of run.

The Resilience Challenge

There are 4 distances you can choose from: 2.4 km, 5.5 km, 10 km and 20 km.

2.4 km, the bread and butter of our army boys and girls. 

5.5 km, because 55.

10 km, the runner's favorite.

20 km, for the hardcore. 

Register for one of the four distances and attempt to run that distance daily for the 55 days of the event. 

At the end of the race, the runner who has run the most number of days will be ranked the highest. Should two runners run the same number of days, the faster runner would be ranked higher. 

The Solidarity Challenge 

There are four milestone distances you can choose from: 

132 km, the equivalent of running 2.4 km daily.

302.5 km, the equivalent of running 5.5 km daily.

550 km, the equivalent of running 10 km daily.

1100 km, the equivalent of running 20 km daily.

You do not have to run daily, and can choose to run any distance on any day during the 55 days of the event. Missed days don't matter. Runners are ranked simply by the total distance accumulated. 

Bringing Singapore Together 

The Maju Lah! Run 2020 aims to bring Singaporeans together and demonstrate our togetherness, unity and resilience in these trying times. It also intended to promote a healthier and active lifestyle, especially one that is consistent and sustained over time especially in this pandemic.  Proceeds raised from Maju Lah! Virtual Run will go to the President’s Challenge which backs over 70 beneficiaries ranging from disabled persons to cancer patients.

More information and registration at Maju Lah! Virtual Run 2020.


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