Mastering the Art of Swift Feet and Endurance

Joakim Gomez and Denise Keller with Run Department, the pacers and other participants

With the big Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon coming up, the training for it has kicked up in a huge way. Close to 500 runners took the challenge and went to the Singapore Sports Hub to join the SCSM Training kick-off on 6th August.

Organised by IRONMAN Asia, who are also behind the SCSM, the event’s activities included the launch of the 2017 pacers programme conducted by Running Department, a coaching clinic by the official coach for the SCSM Ben Pulham, opportunities to get professional advice on heart rate zone training and try outs of the new Under Armour Charge Bandit 3 running shoe.

This was great training for those who wanted a little experience, including practice for pacers from the Running Department.

SCSM 2017 Ambassador Joakim Gomez, together with Under Armour Ambassadors Denise Keller and Yang Man Yun also got heart rate zone assessments while Ben Pulham from Coached gave them advice on how to improve their running pace.

This will not be the end of the training, however. Sports and fitness advocate Cheryl Tay, together with her Running Club the ROCKrunners, will be launching a SCSM Women’s Squad. Headed by Cheryl, she called it an opportunity for “women from all walks of life to come together and pursue personal fitness goals.”

She added that the team would be hosting more sessions over the coming months, and they looked forward to more runners joining the group to train and prepare for race day.

Close to 100 women gathered at the Singapore Sports Hub for the event launch on Sunday, where participants did a high-intensity interval training and a 3km run led by the Rockrunners.

If you’re interested to get involved in the training, go to learn more about the training activities available.

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