Mastering Under Armour’s Test of Will

Under Armour’s Test of Will challenge at Ngee Ann City has just concluded, and if you were there you would have seen some incredible feats of strength, stamina and speed from the participants. The Four-minute Circuit Challenge featured fitness enthusiasts competing through Over and Under Hurdles, Deadball Squats, Kettlebell Farmer Walks and Bear Crawls. We got a chance to ask Hendrik Olofsson, a Triple Fit coach and the circuit’s designer on the rationale behind the circuit, and also how to achieve the optimal workout at home! Q: What do you consider when designing the challenges for this year’s Test of Will? Hendrik Olofsson: We considered the fact that we need it to be both inclusive for everyone to participate, yet still be challenging for the fittest athletes. The movements have to be varied, interesting to watch, challenging, and still simple. They need to work in a small space and ideally should be easy to judge. We wanted them to be balanced as well of course and not only favour one certain body type or athlete. Q: Every sport has a focus on different aspects of strength, stamina, and fitness. For specialist athletes, who is likely to have an advantage in Test of Will? Hendrik Olofsson: The athlete must have good cardiovascular stamina, and strength endurance, and power. You will have an advantage if you train regularly at the gym with more free weight and body weight movements, and runners usually do well due to their endurance levels. Obstacle course racing and CrossFit backgrounds are usually an indication that you have that experience but also rowing, gymnastics and those who attend HIIT classes does well too. Q: With little or no equipment, how would you advise individuals in designing a good circuit workout? Hendrik Olofsson: With minimal to zero equipment it becomes very important to think of balancing your workouts to also train your posterior chain, which comprises of the hamstrings, glutes and back. It’s easy to end up with variations of push-ups, sit-ups, planks and squats. Essentially this will only train your front part since they are all movement patterns dominated by pushing. By incorporating exercises such as single leg deadlifts, glute bridges and cobras or back extensions, you can work on improving posture and back strength even without access to equipment. The best part is, they are all easy to implement as a post-run routine! Find out more about Triple Fit at their website here:


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