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The annual Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon is just around the corner. You could be one of the many returning runners or someone trying it out for the first time this year, but you’ll no doubt be checking out the training methodologies that are being updated every year.

Coaches and trainers are always researching new formulas and strategies to help you run your best, but besides having discipline and determination, you’ll be more efficient when you have a way to effectively chart your own progress accurately.

Running enthusiasts often talk about minimalism while training over long distances, but the paradox here is that you can go minimalist on equipment with just one piece of equipment: a GPS enabled sports watch. We recommend and would wear the TomTom Runner3 Cardio+Music.

If you want to be able to accurately record your mileage, pace and continuous heart rate, but do not want to be carrying multiple pieces of gear with you while you cover the distance. A device that records all these parameters, and is highly intuitive to use would be the ideal solution, and with the new TomTom Runner 3 Cardio+Music range you can run with just the watch as it shows you all the data you’ll need to stay in touch with how your body is performing.

While many runners maintain a fairly regular overall pace and speed over long distances, various factors like the weather, fatigue and stress can cause performance deviations from what you’d expect. High-performance coaches recommend that you refer to your heart rate as a consistent gauge of how your body is performing. GPS watches with built-in heart rate monitoring are not only able to read your heart rate accurately directly from your wrist, but provide the instant feedback you need to train more efficiently and see results quicker.

Ben Pulham of Coached, the official trainers of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, explains, “Your heart rate is the most accurate indicator of your physical exertion rate. You might be running slower than usual because of tiredness, but your body could be performing at a higher level of exertion that you realise. Keeping an eye on how high your heart rate is will ensure that you won’t push too far into the anaerobic zone by accident, which will exhaust you very quickly.”


The TomTom Runner 3 Cardio+Music is not only able to read your heart rate, but is also equipped with 3GB of media storage, offers GPS tracking across multiple sport modes (including run, gym, swim and treadmill + more), and route exploration which lets you explore new areas and find your way back with your trail shown on your wrist. You can also upload new routes to your TomTom Runner 3 GPS Watch, and then follow them to discover new places with confidence. It’s packed with features and has a battery life that very few can boast about keeping up with.

It’s a small, easy-to-use device that adds plenty of versatility and efficiency to all your training runs. Training sessions no longer have to be long, monotonous loops along the tarmac. The ability to set heart rate training zones and have vibrating alarms that warn you when you push too hard or go too slowly is one of the many ways that the watch can help you make more efficient use of your training time, and gain maximum benefit from every training day. When you feel like exploring new trails for variety, the route exploration mode will confidently keep you on track. It’s the single device that we always run and train with, simply nothing else comes close to it.

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