New Balance FuelCell Racer Elite

If shoes were supercars, this marathon racer will help you unlock new levels of speed and performance without compromising comfort over distance.


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Getting the most out of your runs proved to be the fundamental premise when New Balance first unveiled its FuelCell range of running shoes.

Advancing that for marathon greatness, New Balance has taken the best of what it has achieved with its FuelCell 5280 and TC trainers to develop what it dubs the ideal marathon racer – the FuelCell Racer Elite.

Like all shoes in the range, product development leveraged hours and hours of data collected by New Balance’s innovation and design teams as they studied how New Balance’s most elite athletes achieved their personal bests over a combined distance spanning thousands of kilometres. This data-first approach was pivotal in enabling New Balance to make speed ‘smarter’ and key learnings were distilled to further improve its FuelCell cushioning compound which is used in all models across its FuelCell range of shoes.

In this particular instance, all that data has been translated into the stunning runner you see in these pictures . The FuelCell Racer Elite features the most advanced FuelCell cushioning New Balance has ever developed, with light weight and explosive energy return as hallmarks.

Supremely sleek, this lightweight 201-gram marathon racer with New Balance’s premium FuelCell midsole is designed to return energy back to its runner to improve speed, performance and ultimately, satisfaction. Think raceday feel and excellence on demand whenever the RC Elite is laced up.  

At its very core, the shoe also features a full-length carbon fibre plate that affords maximum propulsion with each stride. Sandwiched between New Balance’s grippy Dynaride outsole, supporting FuelCell foam midsole and airy featherweight Synthetic Engineered Mesh upper, the multidirectional carbon fibre plate is responsible of literally adding that spring in its wearer’s step. The secret lies in the way the plate absorbs flex as the runner’s foot comes into contact with the ground, stiffens up, and returns that energy as propulsion in the runner’s next step.

Having read about all this spec and the technology and development it embodies, the only thing really left to do is experience it for yourself and revel in the possibility of achieving your personal best, while soaking in the raceday thrill with each lace up. New Balance’s answer to running’s equivalent of the super car has arrived. 

For its debut, the New Balance FuelCell Racer Elite is available in 2 stunning colourways, neon green and purple. It is available exclusively online at and IRUN313/Queensway, New Balance Suntec City and New Balance Novena store with a regular retail price of $359.


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