Of Valentine’s Day and Appreciation

Cherlynn Sim Shares Her Running Journey With Hubby Sebastian Cheong and What V-Day Mean To Them


Photos Cherlynn and Sebastian

Some say that running groups are easy hotspots for Cupid to strike. For running couple Cherlynn and Sebastian, this seems to be the case too. They met in a regular running group six years ago, fell in love “probably because of looks and also being in the same sport” according to Cherlynn, and got married.

41-year old Cherlynn, who is in a logistics consultancy, started running way back in 2009 out of curiosity to understand what it takes to complete a full marathon.

Sebastian, 39, started his journey a year later to start a healthy activity, but he has done lots more by co-founding Superhero Runners group and endorsing for Under Armour and Pocari.

Couples who run together stay together

As cliche as the above statement sounds, there is a lot of truth in it. This beautiful couple trains twice weekly together and records these sessions actively on their social media accounts to inspire others. Once home, Cherlynn takes care of the laundry for the running clothes, while Sebastian duly does his duties washing the shoes.

Prior to COVID-19, they were actively taking part in running races. However, as they run at different paces, they rarely competed together in the same race. As a running couple though, they would support each other. For example, at the 100K SG Ultramarathon, Cherlynn took on the crew role to support Sebastian’s race.

Today, with many races still being postponed or cancelled, the couple has not yet made any commitment to racing in 2021. But this does not thwart their enthusiasm for running. On the contrary, they are making full use of this period to consistently go on long runs with friends.

Having been running for more than a decade and participating in many races, Cherlynn and Sebastian have a "couple goals" to bring their runs to the next level. They are looking to give back to the community and encourage others to start or continue running.

Cherishing Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day can become rather commercialised these days, Cherlynn has wise words of what it truly means to her and Sebastian, that it is “a reminder to be loving and kind to one another on any other day. It's also a day the whole world celebrates love - so we take this opportunity to show appreciation for one another”.

To celebrate Valentine's Day this Sunday, this loving couple have invited their friends over to their home.

Follow Cherlynn and Sebastian on their Instagram accounts and keep track of their running adventures.


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